I Moved, Crocheted and Pattern Reviewed

I moved to blogger cuz’ WordPress was not working for me.

I started crocheting again so I picked up a free pattern from lionbrand to make a shawl. The pattern was muchsmaller then how I wanted it to look so I added to the pattern to make a longer, much longer and easy to throw over my shoulder.

Pattern Review: New Look 6429

I had to adjust this thing like crazy because even after I cut the smallest size it was still huge. I do like it but I dont love it. It’s simple and easy to wear and I can work with it…I guess.

9 thoughts on “I Moved, Crocheted and Pattern Reviewed

  1. Love the shawl! I can not for the life of me remember how to crochet lol. I made blankets for my kids but can’t seem to pick it back up again lol. Maybe I’ll try it? LOL

  2. I love this dress pattern and I had to mess with it a bit too. I’ve made it in several fabrics and the prints always please me more than when I’ve made it in a solid. I have no idea why.

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