A Pattern Review and Stuff

So I guess my son found a way to get into the fridge while no one was looking and decided he wanted some melon 🙂 lol this happen just before we moved but I forgot to post it.
Oh! look what I found.
Wonder how I get it open?
HHHMMM, let me think this over….
Still not working….
Okay, how about this way!!!
He is so cute!
Okay now to the pattern review: McCalls 5705
I was really curious about this pattern so I gave it a go. I have mixed reactions about so here it goes.
Fabric: Modal-Lycra Jersey – Cocoa so soft and wonderful
Modifications: Well, I will start by telling you what I did not like and then I how I changed it. The first thing is that it is really short, so I added length to the skirt part and then did a 2″ wide hem on my coverstitch because I did not want elastic on the hem as suggested in the pattern.
Then I realized once I had already done the hood/shawl part of the dress that the wrong side of the fabric is what shows when you wear it over the shoulders instead of as a hood. Well, I probably should have paid more attention to that before I had gotten that far but I didnt so then I was just irritated that the wrong side would be showing (well not a big deal since the fabric is pretty close on both sides)
Never the less I knew I would NEVER wear it as a hood (it looks like the virgin mary when it’s on) so I decided to do a wide 2″ hem on the hood/shawl thing as well.
Now! I did like the way the elastic is attached using the seam as a casing and I like the style of it, it’s really comfy. I think I may still work with it but over not impressed with the construction method used by McCalls, if I try it again I will put it together my own way.
With a skinny belt:
With a wide belt:
The Hood:
2″ Hem:

6 thoughts on “A Pattern Review and Stuff

  1. I have that pattern also. I bought it because of the top Miranda wore in “Sex and the City” on the Brooklyn Bridge. I’d like to see how it wears also. BTW, how cute is that baby!

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