If One More Person….

asks me to alter clothes I am going to lose it!!!

What in the world possesses these people to ask me to take up a hem or take something in on the side or ask me a million questions about whether or not something can be altered and then proceed to ask me to do it…Lol

hey not understand that what I do is a craft, a special talent we posses that is to be taken seriously! do they not get that I can completely recreate there dumb outfit with my eyes closed and they want me to take up a hem!!!! πŸ™‚

you guys get these questions from people who know you sew????
what do you guys say, I am wondering if my “HELL NAW!” may be too much…LOL


25 thoughts on “If One More Person….

  1. I have always felt a kind of arrogance wafting from your writings, and now it is confirmed. You show your true colors with this rude, egocentric, narcissistic, and ill-mannered tantrum of a post. On a side note, please check your spelling and grammar (your use of “there” instead of “their” for example); it just makes you look ignorant as well.

  2. I am always ask to hem something!!I hate it!!But I do it!I always tell them I am not good at heming,but they say thats okay just do it for me.:(

  3. I say, “Hell, no!” If they persist I quote an insane number. If they just won’t let it go I repeat my stock answer as to why, if it’s “only” my hobby, done in my “spare” time I won’t do this “one little thing” for them. If that doesn’t work, I throw up my hands and walk away ;-)That said, I have done a few alterations for *very* close family…Guess that makes me a hypocrite πŸ˜‰

  4. I do alterations as my side hustle. But I’m picky about the type that I do. Since this is just my “play” money, I’ll turn down difficult ones with the quickness. I’ll stick to hemming pants! ROFL

  5. My favorite comment from non-sewers is “I should have you make something for me.” As if they’re doing ME the favor. I just flat out say that I don’t sew for other people. And when it comes to alterations, just to put it in perspective, I say, “if a zipper breaks on my pants…I make a new pair of pants!”

  6. I HATE doing any kind of alteraations. I make my husband and kids take their things to someone else. My family comes to me almost on their knees if they really really need something. I would rather start from scratch than do alterations. You go girl, I don’t care what “anonymous” says. If you have something to say, say it in person instead of hiding behind anonymous.

  7. Agreed! While I don’t sew nearly as well as you do, I would MUCH rather sew something from square one than alter anything. The two things are very different (sewing vs alterations). Non-sewers have no clue.

  8. I *try* to (remember!) to say:”oh! I’m SORRY! my MACHINE doesn’t do hems” (take in sides, shorten, lengthen, completely redo the blasted outfit!) lol!! (make curtains .. beautifully embroider motifs .. etc etc ..)it does seem to work most of the time, its not like I’m saying *I* won’t do it!?Sue

  9. Love the new blog by the way!In the past like a dummy, I’ve always did the occasional alterations to the point that I’m at now. I can’t stand it! It is very time consuming and in my opinion takes more time than pattern alterations. The biggest problem I have is when MEN loose weight and they want me to take their LINED jacket in and the PANTS at the waistband and don’t want to pay what I’m asking for my time. So when someone comes my way I go in another direction. I’ll you a better example as to why I don’t do it anymore. I still have a vest, shirt and pants that belong to a woman that wanted them all taken in and gave me the hardest time because I asked for half up front. I got my half but can’t seem to get her to come back for her clothes. That’s almost a year now. So you know what, this isn’t PUBLIC STORAGE and it’s going out with the next set of clothes to the good will! Sorry Mimi I know this isn’t my blog but this one ticks me off just as much as you.

  10. I finally started saying no to alteration requests! It’s funny because just the other day when I was making a delivery for my other business that my customer asked me that question. I had to stop taking people’s things because if they say “whenever you get to it, no rush” then I may NEVER do it! LOL And by the way, I like your blog. I visit just about everyday just to see what’s new.

  11. I have people ask me if I can alter or make them things as well. I did alter a pair of pants for my mom once. This one guy asked me if I could alter clothing, and I told him I don’t sew for other people. Another guy said (not asked) “Maybe you can make me a shirt. I want something like this.” He gave me a link to shirt he wanted made. I told him, “Maybe you can keep dreaming.” He wasn’t too happy with that reply! LOL!

  12. I think we all get those Q’s…I asked them too before I could sew. When folks ask…I tell them I’m really not a good at alterations which is the honest truth. I also just tell folks I only sew for my family.Hey Ms. Anonymous: My mother always told me “it all boils down to jealousy!” guess what? mama was right!First of all…blogs are brag books! We all share, support and inspire one another. I am amazed by the talent out there in the universe. I don’t think I’d be half the seamstress I am without tips,suggestions and ideas from Mimi and many others. You may think you are anonymous but there are ways of easily tracking you down. I personally have met Mimi and her family and she is talented, witty, kind, generous and talented…not to mention thin and beautiful…is that what is eating you!

  13. I love that you can say no! I really hate altering clothing, to the point that I have a huge pile of my own clothes to fix!!! If someone askes me to hem something, I’ll do it, but I make sure I am getting something in return (free babysitting, meals, money!) That way they understand that what I do might be my hobby, but it is still a skill that I have and they haven’t learned.

  14. My rule is, UNLESS THEY’RE ONE OF MY BACKUP MOMS, I send them straight to the cleaners and tell them I DON’T KNOW HOW TO RIP THINGS APART. However, if one of the other moms who helps me in kid emergencies is busting out of her off-the-rack blouse, I’m happy to tighten up her buttonholes. I have like 3 friends who can pick my kids up from school, give them medicine, and who have covered for me when my husband is in the hospital. And they do NOT take advantage. This flat out means I NEVER DO MEN’S ALTERATIONS, MENDING AND SO FORTH. My girlies know better than to ask.

  15. You know, this is the exact question that almost put me off sewing. Yep, seriously – I’d had two sewing lessons before someone actually asked me if I could hem some of their clothes. I hate alterations!!! Even I’m fairly crappy at them. Besides, if they were learning to become a chef I wouldn’t ask them to cook me dinner! I guess they just don’t get it…

  16. I’m just catching up on my blog reading. First, to address your topic, I detest doing alterations. My biggest problem is that I have a hard time saying no. My dental hygenist’s Nana’s coat is a prime example. Of course, she asked me to do it while she was cleaning my teeth, so self preservation played a little part too! ;)Now, off topic to Anon 8/27 11:37. Honey, if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black, nothing is. Jeez louise, before you accuse Mimi, take a good long look in the mirror.I also like the look of your blog!

  17. I too am catching up on my blog reading. Anon..is probably the same person who periodically stirs up trouble on sewing sites. Talk about arrogance…this person needs to look in the mirror.Onto alterations. I do not do them. Poor DH has to wait months/years to get pants hemmed. I don’t like alterations and I don’t do them well. A friend asked me to fix her son’s jacket zipper and a sis-in-law bought pants the wrong size and arrogantly expected me to fix them. The reasoning for both of these ladies to ask me to fix clothing was the tailor is too expensive. I simply said to each one that they needed to go to an alterations expert. DSIL was mad…oh well. I’m sure friend was upset too…oh well….

  18. Hi Mimi!I just found your blog after seeing I was linked. Thanks for linking to me…this is Cathy over at Sewing For Life!. I thought I’d weigh in after reading the comments. I guess I’m a little late but what the heck.I don’t mind when people ask me to alter. I always say it really depends on what they want me to do. I always tell them I’ll look at what they want done and give them my professional opinion.This gives them a positive feedback and I usually have a couple of names in my back pocket of places they can take their garments to for reasonable prices.I do understand though how frustrating it is and how sometimes we just want to cringe but I like to look at it differently. First of all it’s flattering so I always accept their questions (and tell them I’ll take a look at what they want done and give them a professional opinion). Secondly, when I do this, most often I’ve now made a connection with someone and I like to find out what skills they have or what they do professionally. Kinda like a ‘networking through alterations’. I like to file that information away for myself in case I need it. I’ve made some great contacts I never would have had had I just flat out said no.If I do decide that I’ll do it I always let them know this is something I don’t do professionally so it could take some time for them to get their items back. I’ve always made friends this way and is what works for me. :-)Just recently a friend of mine brought me a cake and came for a visit. She had an ulterior motive for me at the close of our visit. She asked if I could design a couple of logos and embroider them on the back of some polos. I said ‘sure…let’s take a look’. I gave her my time and about 3 weeks later she had her shirts back. I took time out of my life but the amazing phone calls I’ve received from her after her polos were revealed have been priceless. Because I’ve done this I know when it comes time to do my taxes, take care of my dog, drop me off at the automotive center, bake me a birthday cake for my DH, pick out flowers for me at the garden center (all of these things she’s done for me) I’ve got a professional ear and a great friend I can lean on. πŸ™‚

  19. I will hem and alter something as long as it’s quick and easy (I hate alterations). I do charge a fee so that makes it a little easier to deal with, as long as they are not bringing me something and expect me to stop what I am doing to fix their stuff. I had a customer of mine ask me to put pleats in a coats she bought, first of all I could make it faster than opening it up to add pleats, and 2nd there wasn’t even room to do the job she wanted she just thought I could to do it.

  20. I know this post is super old (I staggered over here from PR and have been meticulously stalking your blog thank you very much lol) but this drives me insane as well. I am a VERY BEGINNER sewer and it's pretty much a hobby as I do work full time. But as soon as people hear you sewed something "Oh can you hem my pants?" Ummmm I would encourage you to continue taking your clothes where you've been taking them for your alteration needs lol. The absolute worst SO FAR has been "Hey do you do buttons?" Really now? AS IF!

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