44 thoughts on “IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE DONT READ!!!!

  1. Hey girl…why in god’s name would you give any hater the time of day!!!! He/she/it don’t know a damn thing about you…so there comment is irrelevant (excuse me people if i did not spell that right)anyway…your talented,smart and you have a fulfilling life…leave these idiots in their own sorry a@# life…

  2. Mimi: You have reinspired me.You are a wonderful seamstress,wife, mother and overall crafter.If more people were like you, the world would be a better place andpeople wouldn’t have the time toget into trouble.

  3. OMG! I DESPISE anonymous commenters with their punk azzes. You told them right. Sometimes you have to come clean out of a bag on them. How dare they come to YOUR site complaining about content. If they don’t like something over here, they are more than welcomed to use the big red ‘X’ in the right hand corner. Keep doing what you do!

  4. You’ve inspired me, I’ve learned a lot from you, and do not worry about a-mouse. Doing the blog you do is another way you create, as well as a public service, and I look forward to your confident, wonderful and totally helpful posts.Not to worry.

  5. Interesting that “this person” called you ill-mannered. Seems to me they have the corner on that market. “Sometimes you have to come clean out of a bag on them.” I just loved that comment Erica! And this was pretty funny from Toni too…”Somebody’s mad cuz you wouldn’t hem their pants!!” LOL

  6. Oh dear! That poor poster must be a very unhappy person if he/she feels the need to judge people AND put it in writing! BTW, blog is looking pretty cool 🙂

  7. It totally amazes me when people feel the need to voice their negativity on someone else domain. The darn nerve of them. I don’t comment often, but I enjoy your blog, so keep doing what you are doing.

  8. I just don’t understand why that person would even bother thinking out and then typing up such a mean-spirited comment. Calling you out on grammar? Who does she think she is?? She’s the arrogant one (or he – you never know). Whoever they are, they should find something else to read — like maybe some online alterations tutorials so they won’t get so defensive when they visit a blog that goes beyond the basic fold, pin and stitch. Hmph.PS – I just bought a PGM-Pro dressform because you liked yours so much. It’s so great!!! Hundred times better than dritz I’ve been using.

  9. Anonymous is obviously a non-sewist and is the one always asking his/her sewing friends to do favours for them (if he/she has any friends that is!)Love your blog BTW!

  10. I had a wussy-ass anonymous commenter post some negative crap on my previous blog. She used the word ‘caustic’ so I did a search on pattern review’s message boards using that word and found only one person who used it! (the post was about some bitchery on PR at the time) Bunch of jealous haters, f*** ’em!

  11. Mimi, don’t let negative energy distract you. I love your site and visit nearly everyday. You can’t begin to know how much your creative talent has inspired me (and I’m sure many others). Thanks for your response about V8425, I’m working on the muslin now.

  12. GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!! If this person really wanted to be courageous and call you out on something that is none of their business they would have posted under a legit name. I still don’t do alterations. LOL

  13. Mimi, you did right girl. Sometimes it’s hard to ignore the ignorance of others! BTW, I love your blog. Now, back to the regularly scheduled show… 😉

  14. I’m glad you told her. I hate when people feel like they have to bring others down. because they’re not happy. Your a great help to use all screw who ever wrote it. They dont have any balls that’s why they where ANONYMOUS. Stupid people we LOVE U Mimi.

  15. “Kiss my Ass!” Is all that was needed to be said to that show of ignorance! You know sometimes people mistaken arrogance with confidence. When you are talented (in your case very talented), you can’t be timid. You just got be you, God’s beautiful creation. We’re all blessed with gifts of talent. You just happen to know how to tap into what God has blessed you with. Unfortunately, some folks just don’t realize they’re blessed too. You keep doing what you do, and dismiss the ignorant folks.

  16. I’m fairly new to sewing and I make sure to check your site at least twice a week to see what fabulous pieces you have created. I never got the impression that you were any of the negative comments she spoke of. You’re extremely talented so keep doing you and brush the hatas off!

  17. Mimi — I don’t know if you received my words of support, but I have to echo the comment that YOU INSPIRE US to do GREAT, creative, beautiful work. I check your site every day and faint when I see what all you’ve made while I was asleep. I don’t think you’re arrogant, but you know what? IF I DID ALL THE FABULOUS WORK YOU DO I’D BE ARROGANT AS HELL!!!!!

  18. I swear I spit tea all over my keyboard cause this is some shyt I would say. How you just gone fix your mouth to tell me how YOU feel regarding MY space. GTFOHWTBS!!!!!!! Mimi, you do YOU, you are loved because YOU ARE YOU.

  19. Wow alright. Your response made me chuckle though. Sometimes I think it’s a bit like spam – comments posted on people’s blogs just to spark a reaction (that person has probably never read your stuff because they obviously don’t know what the hell they’re talking about!)Go Mimi go!!!

  20. Now since we should all be warm and fuzzy, I would not have been so mean. The writer forgot to mention what a great, fantastic body, under a pretty face that you have! I usually check out your blog just to see you rock your fine self in high heels and snug-fitting outfits. Oh yes, I also read the articles. My props to Mr. G! And I ain’t ‘nonymous’!

  21. Wow!!! True haters are out there to try to bring you down! They were asking to get told! I love your blog. It is nothing but fabulous!!!HLT

  22. I miss read your blog for two days and look what happens! LOL! I can understand completely your anger. I agree with another comment that it is spam. Some one is trying to stir up trouble. Keep on with doing what you do best, Girl!

  23. go boricua!! why would you purposely seek out people you can’t stand and read their blog? that’s retarded. oh, and way to be afraid and use an anon to hide behind. i for one would like to say thanks. you have a great blog and true talent. haters can step up to get beat down!

  24. Thanks for all you share with us who chose to visit your site to see what new things you are willing to show. I don’t know how you do what you do – but it’s great.

  25. Hi Mimi! I love your blog and all I can say is good grief. Hello, there is an option for someone who doesn’t like your blog! Go somewhere else. Don’t let that get you down. I think you have a lot of support from people who agree with you! Keep up the great work! Love the look of the new blog site.

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