Finished Vest and Finished Venting :)

OMG!!! thank you guys so much for all the comments and kind words you left for me. I was truly pissed off and you guys just made me feel so great! so again thank you.

Now back to the regularly scheduled programming..LOL I will have some sewn pieces to show you by Monday. I have had little time for sewing but this weekend that is all I will be doing.
I did however finish my little boys vest and although I am not happy with how it turned out I think it will just have to do for now. The whole picking up sts thing was just a pain for me cuz I had never done it before. I think it came out okay but not exactly how I wanted. Here are pics đŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Finished Vest and Finished Venting :)

  1. We I am sorry about that idiot of a commenter…and girl i agree with everything you said to her…I just wanted to say for your picking up stitches you did really well…keep up the stitchin’

  2. Boo hoo,Are you going to be transferring your previous posts from your wordpress blog to here? I guess those people that didn’t follow you ’till now won’t know what they missed, and those that DID follow you/it benefited already? Then there are those (like ME) that only recently discovered your blog

  3. I’ve just now stumbled onto all your blogs and youtubes. They’re great. I am looking for the site where you explain how to correctly duct tape a dress form. Is that site still up somewhere?

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