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So as many of you know a few weeks ago I posted a storyboard for my nautical wardrobe, NOW! I know it is almost fall and I had no business doing a nautical wardrobe..hello! but I needed it to get it out of my system since I have been wanting to do it for a long time.

Well, I kind of feel the same way Eric B feels about Wardrobe, I get board too! I think what I find to be fun about sewing for me is that I do whatever I feel like it and I change my mind so much that then I dont even want to sew. I did manage to get a few pieces done “kinda in the nautical thing” but I eventually drifted

Here is what I spent my weekend doing, first up is something that always gets me about patterns when it comes to knits: click to enlarge

Vogue Top: 8477

Pattern: Vogue 8477 and Butterick 5249

The Vogue top was easy as pie, the only thing I changed was the way they have you attach the neck band. Other then that the pattern was pretty easy and the top is cute. I used a knit that did not have very much stretch in it so next time (if there is one) I will use a stretchier fabric.

The butterick skirt is so cute! I am going to do the other versions too. The pattern was a breeze any beginner would do just fine with this pattern. I really like it.

Pattern: New Look 6823 “My Oprah Dress” can you guess why?? lol

This is the easiest dress pattern I have done all year, I mean really I cut and stitched the whole thin gin under 90 min. It was so easy!!! One thing, if I had used a very stretchy knit I would have omitted the darts in the back but because my knit had very little stretch I kept it.

This is a super easy dress and it’s cute, I wanted to use this fabric for a simple dress since I love the “O” and it reminds me of Oprah…lol

Pattern: M4924 View B Skirt and Self drafted knit black top

Love this skirt!!!!, again super easy and the only tricky part is matching that darn plaid!! oh my!
I omitted the vents in the back and only did the two in the front.

Pattern: Vogue 8451 and Self drafted drawstring pants

I love this knit top, I have made it twice before…lol and the drawstring pants are so easy to do and I wanted a red pair so there you go.

Finally!!!! you guys wanted to see me “wearing” the M5705 so here it is 🙂


25 thoughts on “Pattern Reviews!!! Pic Heavy

  1. I love all of your outfits, especially the dress. I will definitely get the skirt pattern since you say any beginner sould do it. I like the “comic book” theme. Such a creative way to post your pictures.

  2. Cudos, cudos, cudos. Once again, I’m all tuckered out just LOOKING at what you’ve been up to. I worked all week long on a Vogue shirt pattern and the darned thing was full of print and instruction errors. But fortunately, I HAVE MY DUCT TAPE DRESS FORM to light the path of my way toward getting it done. I have no idea how you get all this stuff done Mimi. You are amazing. Hey, you think you could hem some pants for me? (ain’t I funny?) Ging.

  3. Nice work! Love the vogue 8477 in a stripe. Everyone has had great success with this pattern, except me:(. Guess I need to have another try at it. Thanks for reviewing the Oprah dress. Great pattern.

  4. Wow!Everything is gorgeous (as usual). I especially like the knit tops. Even though I would need to lose another 30 pounds or so before I would feel comfortable wearing horizontal stripes, these tops inspire me to keep working out. Thanks.

  5. Every piece looks fantastic, and I love how you’ve put them together. Of course, you know that it should be against the law to have such a darling little figure!!! Now if only my clothes looked that good. (well I mean if I only looked that good in my clothes, LOL) Great job!

  6. Thank you, thank you, for the message and url (on PR) of where to find your new blog. I even went looking for you on other peoples blogs!Everything you do is exquisite, and looks fab on you! I DO have mixed feelings about reading everyones blogs, ’cause the more I look, the more I’m on the computer, and the more patterns/garments to copy I find!!!! What’s a girl to do???

  7. PS: Your little guy is adorable!!!Oh, and I used to live near Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, and really, really miss it, but I can’t begin to imagine that it compares to the ???? (fabric?) district in L.A.

  8. You are a sewing dynamo! Wow! All your stuff looks great, and kudos on the self-drafted pieces. I also like the New Look dress. It’s much cuter made up than on the pattern picture.

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