Pattern Review 1 of 3 and Hair

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Okay so if you have followed my blog for a while you all know that I had decided to let my hair grow out early this year….well, I cut it all off again. I just DID NOT FEEL LIKE MYSELF! I mean I know its just hair right but it just did not feel like me, it felt like someone else with my body
After my husband cut it off I looked in the mirror and was like “oh! my gosh where have you been”

Here is my before and after: Oh! and he also does my eyebrows 🙂

Okay now on to the pattern reviews, first up the ever so poular New Look 6704

Fabric: Cotton Mens Shirting (Blue)

Modifications: I added buttoned tabs to the shoulders just because 🙂

Challenges: None, this pattern is pretty easy to put together and I love the collar, button band and the sleeve options. I did the short sleeve because I did not have enough fabric, but I wanted to the the long sleeve.

Conclusion: I love it, and it looked great this morning with my wide belt (I will post a pic of me wearing it soon. For now here are some of the details and a pic of the shirt on petunia.

8 thoughts on “Pattern Review 1 of 3 and Hair

  1. Cute haircut and very talented hubby. I know that feeling. I had a short “Halle” for 8 years before I let my hair grow back. I’m very tempted to get that cut again. I miss that person.

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