Pattern Review B5243 and Stuff

Hi Guys!

I have a pattern review but first I wanted to answer a question about my last post many of you emailed me asking how I attach the elastic instead of gathering. Now I only use elastic on things like this, sleeves, waist seams etc. I normally dont do thid on dresses or skirts or pants etc in place of regular gathering.

I basically take a piece of 1/4″ elastic and place it at the notch or circle where my gathering would begin, then I hold it and stretch it as much as I can until I reach the next notch or circle then I cut the elastic. I press my seams open then I lay the elastic in the center of the seam. I insert my needle to hold the elastic in place and I sew a very very narrow zigzag stitch right in the center so that in almost falls on the ditch. I stretch my elastic as I sew. I hope that makes sense. If it doesn’t and you need a visual I will do a you tube video on it.

Okay now to the PR of B524
Fabric: Fabu Knit in a teal color
Modifications: None I cut a size 8 for the top and graded to a 10 for the bottom.
Would you sew it again: Prob not because there are too many dresses I want to get to but I do love this one.
Thoughts: The gathering is a pain in the butt!!!! but once you get past it it comes together so easily. I really like this dress and the instructions were very easy to follow.
Okay so I also wanted to find a way to keep track of my projects with details and such but the computer only version was not enough for me. I decided instead to start a binder of my fall 08 projects and i will do one for every season.
I have a place to put all my info, an image of my pattern and once printed a swatch of my fabric, lining and/or interfacing. I also have the info on where I purchased my fabric on the back but I didn’t take a pic of it.
Here is the form I created on excel and then the one I printed with my swatches in a binder with a protective sleeve. It is working out nicely so far 🙂 * Click to enlarge*

10 thoughts on “Pattern Review B5243 and Stuff

  1. That dress looks better than the one on the pattern envelope! I love it. That color looks wonderful on you. I do something similar with keeping up with what I make. I made a mini album with my picture wearing it, the pattern number and a review on a little scrapbook page lol

  2. I love it- love it. I agree with the others – it does look very nicely on you instead of the pattern. Very flattering and just all around great for nice occasions. I never thought to keep up with what I make that way. I will have to give it a try because people are always asking me which patterns I use for my projects.

  3. Cool System!!! Thanks for sharing it. Please check your numbers for your bust and hips in the “difference” column. And Mimi, stop playing and add a picture in your binder of how fabulous you look in the dress(clothing). ;o)

  4. First off, thanks for answering my question in regards to the elastic. I will try it that way the next time. Second, I love the dress, the color and it fits you well. I also have this pattern and I was so hesitant about making it. I got a little intimidated by all the gathering. Now after seeing your dress and reading your comments. I think I have enough confidence to try it…lol…wish me luck….

  5. Thank you for posting your tip about sewing elastic in place of gathering; I’m going to try it. Your dress looks beautiful. I also think your system for recording your clothes is a great idea.

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