Im so beyond flattered!!!

I was just browsing the PR forum and I saw that Deepika listed the finalist for the PR Awards so I went over to vote for my faves (Erica B for thoses amazing pics she takes of herself looking oh so fabu! and all the other wonderful women in the catagories)) and so as I came to the last category, LO’ and Behold I was listed!!!! how fabu is that 🙂 Thanks to all of you who thought of me and nominated.

here is the link so you can vote for your faves:

LOL! this is the category I am listed in..LOL, If I had a penny for everytime someone told me I should go on project runway I would be able to buy a new pair of Pucci Boots (just saw them and they are hot) LOL, there is no way I could do project I am camera shy…LOL!

Project Runway nominee from PR
If you were in the committee who would you pick to represent PR in the next Project Runway? Who do you think is the best candidate for the competition? They usually just use a pattern as a basis or mostly draft their own patterns for their creations on PR

5 thoughts on “Im so beyond flattered!!!

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