Taking Measurements

Hi Ladies and (and the one guy who follows my blog) LOL

So I have been going over my comments and emails and I noticed that many of you have sent me emails regarding the “fit: of my garments. First let me say thank you for all the nice emails you send me telling me how great the fit is on my clothes and many of you have asked me how it is that get such a good fit when I sew.

Well, I thought I would share what I use to make my sewn garments fit so well 🙂 I take an extensive amount of measurements…LOL no I’m serious, it is time consuming when you first do it but let me tell you knowing exact measurements for all the parts of my body make it extremely easy for me to fit my patterns, therefore I have included the excel sheet I use with all the measurements I take for me and my clients and also a word doc on how I take those measurements (I cant remember where I got the latter so I cant give kudos to the author)but I have it here for you.

Excel Sheet (list of all the measurements I take)

Word Doc (how to take those measurements)

I hope it helps!


16 thoughts on “Taking Measurements

  1. Thanks for the birthday greeting!I do the same thing with the measurements. I’m not one for making time consuming muslins and I’ve found this works best for me and anyone else I’m sewing for.

  2. Thanks so much for the measuring sheets! I am pretty new to this whole fitting thing and it is driving me crazy at times. I don’t want to push your generosity 😉 but what do you think of a mini-mini tutorial where you show how you make patterns fit, maybe for one of your clients, for example, with body that does not fit the typical envelope – like mine… 🙂 How do you take the measurements you took from them and transfer them to the pattern so the garment actually fits? See, to me this all sounds so easy, in theory. but when I try it, something always is wrong, either the shoulders are too big and the neckline is gaping, or something else is wrong… ;/ and when I fix it, something else gets out of whack… *sigh* you make it look SOOO easy, Mimi… :)Love your blog! Anoushka

  3. Hi MimiGreat info. I am wondering if you use a mannequin. I have just bought an Ese-Jane one and as i have never used one, do you have any advice for setting it up and using it.ThanksVanessa (Perth, Australia)

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  8. Hi Mimi! So i was searching the internet for tips on how to fit a pattern to my body…because I was measuring and looked at the pattern envelope, and it says I need to cut a size 20!! UGH…I was totally hoping that wasn't true! LOL! I am a little nervous about making my first garment as I have only sewn bags and baby stuff but I think I can tackle this now with your help! I am going to have my Hubs help me with the measuring after dinner 🙂 Thanks again!! You Rock!!

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