Kim has tagged me and wants to know 7 sewing facts about me. so here it goes…. LOL!

1. I started sewing when I was 12, The first few outfits I made where for my mom and she wore them even though they were awful..lol

2. All I ever think about is sewing, I sew so much my family walks around pulling random threads from my clothes…lol

3. I taught myself how to sew so there were many many many failures at first..lol

4. I do not own a Little Black Dress either Kim….. Shameful? yes in deed

5. My worst moment was when I worked for a designer in LA and we made an outfit for Lil Kim, you will never see that photo…LOL

6. I love sewing dresses, they are easy to wear and sexy.

7. I am a selfish sewer and rarely ever sew for anyone else, not even my own family…LOL

Ok, I have to pick 5 other people but I dont have time right now so I will do it later đŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Tagged

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