Fabric Shopping, a wedding and a Pattern Review: Pic Heavy!!

OMG!!!! this was an insane weekend, first of all I will tell you about the dress that did not make it and the sewing disaster that was this weekend 😦

First of all I new the wedding we were attending was approaching so I went through so much care getting my fabric ordered in time so I placed my order with…nah! I am not going to put them on blast, let’s just say it is a online shop we are familiar with, anyway. I got my fabric on FRIDAY!!!! the wedding was on SUNDAY!!!! so I got busy making my dress, when I opened the box and saw my fabric I was immediately suspect, I ordered a silk dupioni but the fabric looked CHEAP and VERY poor in quality but I knew I did not have any other fabric so I pushed on.

Well as I am sewing and the stupid fabric was just getting all out of shape, I underlined it and still the dang fabric was a mess…so I finally was able to put the shell together to try it on and check my fitting right, so I have it on and it fits, it’s not snug but it fits nicely just skimming my body right so I am pinning the bust area and I drop some pins so I bend over to grab them from off the floor and RIP!!!!!!! the whole freakin dress just rips in half and Right off my body!!!! LOL!!

I was about to cry I tell you! I was so pissed off it was not funny (at the time)!!! My husband was out of town and due to arrive late Saturday so I had ALL THE KIDS AT HOME WITH ME it is now past midnight and I have NO DRESS, so I go looking through the pile of fabric I just bought and was desperately looking for something pink so I could match my hubby (who was a grooms men) for pics. I find this knit print that I had just picked up and went with that. In two hours I had a knit dress done, that was SO NOT what I wanted to wear but it was all I could muster up to do after such a disaster.

I got the dress, I wore it and I guess it was okay but definitely not what I had in mind. So here are pics we took at the wedding and a pic of what I threw together in an hour to wear to the pre-wedding function Sunday morning…OMG!!! never again and I am almost about to through that freaking disaster of a dress in a box and send it back to fabric.com…oops and have them send me my dang money back…for real!!!!

First up the fabric I bought on my trip to the fashion district:

This is the dress I wore to the wedding, no pattern just some quick serging going on…LOL

My superfine husband …lol

Pattern Review:: Butterick 5247

Pattern Description: Semi-fitted, pullover tunics A, C or above mid-knee dresses B, D have cowl-like collar, short or long dolman sleeves and belt. Purchased top, pants and belt.

Pattern Sizing: I cut a size 8

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? OMG! I could have done this with my eyes closed it was so easy. I dont think I even looked at the instructions.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? It’s super cute and super Easy and super comfy!!

Fabric Used: Sweater Knit

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: None

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes and I think it will be made up in many colors and as a tunic as well.

Conclusion: The style is not what makes this dress it is the fabric you use, this is really easy to make and depending on the fabric you use it is super fun!


23 thoughts on “Fabric Shopping, a wedding and a Pattern Review: Pic Heavy!!

  1. Great fabric Mimi. I love the have so much. I don’t see the pattern on your blog. Can you please send me the pattern. Thany you so much.Evelyn in the Bronx

  2. UGH…..LOVE those knits!! That houndstooth…what color is it? It looks like a shade of green. It’s pretty! Your husband looks great in pink! LOVE the dress you made. I just saw that on another blog and I have that one next up! I am going to do a printed dress and a solid top!Ok…TOODLES 🙂

  3. OMG!! I’m sorry about what happened with your silk fabric. The dress you wore at the wedding is really cute. The tunic dress looks so great on you, especially with the print you chose. Is this one of the fabrics you got from Joanns?

  4. That sucks about the fabric! I was looking forward to seeing that dress! No wonder that fabric is always so cheap! I won’t ever be buying any! The dress you wore looked fabulous on you and your husband looked great! Cute tunic! I have that pattern also and a great sweater knit I may use.

  5. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now- really enjoy it! I can’t believe that with your fabric- I would have been in tears (of rage mind you!). Great save though, your dress turned out great!

  6. Sorry about the fabric, I can’t imagine your frustration. Great save on the dress you made for the wedding, it is fantastic. I really like the tunic, the fabric is so wonderful. I have got to get to Joann’s this week.

  7. Mimi, Mimi, Mimi! Did that in TWO hours without a pattern? Use a sloper, or triangles(curves)? Incredible! Great fit on your ‘pink’ print. Really looks great on you from the side view in #4-the ‘palm’ shot. On the matter of Mr.G, how ’bout making him a tux for his next b’day? You would have nearly a whole year to finish it! I recommend a Vogue pattern. The second sweater knit looks very good, and if I did not already know that it is a knit, I would think that it is a very heavily-lined silk or satin. Next time, send your order to one of the stores here in NYC, and I’ll pick it up for you!

  8. Two great dresses! That’s too bad about the silk fabric; I’ve had good luck with the online store you mentioned, but I guess there’s always a first…

  9. I love that Butterick dress and the dress you wore to the wedding. I am so sorry about your mishap. I am definitely making that Butterick dress out of some sweater knit I have.

  10. You know you SHOULD send that fabric back to the store for a refund. They need to know what’s going on so they can take that one off their website or someone else will have the same frustrating experience that you did.

  11. Nice pics! You and your husband look great! Random question, was your husband on “Girlfriends”? He looks like the guy that played the character “Davis”.

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