Self Drafted Pattern and DIY Belt :)

So I have really wanted to make myself a military type shirt dress, why? I dont know cuz I felt like it maybe…LOL

I knew that fit would be most important so instead of using a commercial pattern and spending all that time fitting it I decided instead to drape my pattern and avoid all the extra time, besides it is just a basic bodice and skirt so off I went. I also wanted to do a self covered belt to match and since I had never attempted this before (making a real actual belt that is) I thought I was in for a long weekend but it actually came together pretty easily.

*Disclaimer for belt* I took pics of my process (most of it anyway) and I will give you a semi tutorial but I will say that I had never made a belt before and I it was far from perfect but I think if I keep trying this I could actually perfect it. It worked for now.

I will start with pics of my dress:

I wanted a simple bodice with two small front pockets, a fitted skirt and I used the placket method I had done previously from a commercial pattern (cant remember what it was though)

I wanted my sleeves to have a tab and fold up. I initially added pockets to the skirt but I did not like them so I took them off:

Click on images to enlarge

DIY Belt in next post


12 thoughts on “Self Drafted Pattern and DIY Belt :)

  1. Let me be the first to say that I love the dress. It is great!! When I grow Up I want to be like You. LOL. I was working on a jacket pattern this weekend. I get so tired of fitting and making adjustments on commercial patterns. FABULOUS dress and it looks so good on you.

  2. You look amazing in that dress! I have wanted this exact dress in khaki for ages. All the patterns I’ve seen just don’t hit the mark. Yours is perfect. Maybe I should try draping myself! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Whoa, Mimi!! I am calling the Fashion Police, and have you charged with extreme-obsessive fit, and disorderly snug-ness! Man, that dress is illegal! On the tech side, I think that I counted 6 or 8 lateral seams….does that mean that there is a waist seam attaching the top to the bottom? Can you post more photos showing if there is a back ‘kick’ split? Fyi- as a vet, I can tell you that the pockets on the skirt portion are slash, and EXACTLY cut on the side seam, where you are not able to see them at all. Can you do another with shoulder epaulettes, and maybe an embroidered fabric nameplate, saying ‘Mimi’? Just a thought.

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