My New Toy!!

I have been in serious need of a professional iron so I started looking around and then remembered that the fabu Erica B had purchased one some time ago so an email went out Mrs. B and a few minutes later I had purchased my very own…yay!!! I cant wait to get it.

Consew Silver Star CES-300 Gravity Feed Steam Iron

Next up will be a Iron Press which is also on sale for $99.00 right now, but I may get the brand up from this one instead in a few weeks.


3 thoughts on “My New Toy!!

  1. Enjoy your new tool/toy.I have a Elna Alize dry press. I don’t use it all the time but it works great when I use it. The use that suprised me was ironing yardage that had wrinkled badly in the washer and/or dryer while pre-shrinking. The press also works great for fusing interfacing and hard pressing handwovens as part of the finihsing process.

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