Patterns Revisted, Jeans and more..pic heavy…

It all started with a pocket design 🙂 I have avoided making Jeans in the last 15 years or so of my sewing life because the fit is imperative and I always thought that jeans made at home would look like jeans made a t home, feel me?

But this past Friday I was looking at the denim fabric I had purchased and was thinking of making a skirt, then I had pulled out my pocket design notebook and started playing with this pocket, after it was all done I knew it had to go on some jeans so…

I took out about 3 different Big 4 patterns and I was like “fitting this is going to be a nightmare so I scratched that and took my measurements again and decided to make them from scratch using just the measurements I took and some paper and then taking in the design features I knew I loved:

I wanted them below my waist but not so low that I could not sit without fer of showing ass crack..okay!!! then I knew that I personally love my jeans to be snug and that I love wide legs that cover my shoes so I off I went and this is result of my first EVER pair of JEANS!!!

This is the pocket I designed.

Back View:

Side View:

Front View:

On Saturday I was so short on time because I had been working on my jeans that I forgot to make a new dress for church on Sunday, so I pulled out my trusty V8489 and a few hrs later I had finished my dress for church, girl! you know I cant go to church on Sunday wearing something I had already worn…that is the vanity in me, pray for me 🙂 LOL

This is what I am working on now, I need to do some fitting add some shoulder pads (made at home from batting) and then finish up hopefully this week. This fabric is a nightmare to work with because it frays like nobodies business.

Then I made this top to wear with my jeans for now until I finish my jacket (pic above) which was my initial thought.

It is Simplicity 2804 sorry for the bad pic, but it was late and the lighting was bad 😦

Here it is on the dress form before modifications (I did not like how long the bodice was even though I cut out the top it seemed too long so I took off about 2″ before adding the band.


42 thoughts on “Patterns Revisted, Jeans and more..pic heavy…

  1. Awesome Jeans! I have instructions on how to draft my own sitting on my sewing table but my knitting keeps calling me instead.I totally get your “I have to have a new dress every sunday” When I lived in the south and wore dresses to church I had the mentality that I could not wear the same outfit more than once in a 12 month period. I have since grown out of that. Mainly because I went to art school and rarely had time to think about it all.

  2. I love all the pieces especially the denim. The pockets looks fabulous. Is it possible for you to do a tutorial on the welt pockets. I have not been able to find one that is easy to understand.

  3. You are too fabulous. I love the way your jeans came out. I love my jeans to fit that way as well. I swear that you and Erica B are my favorite sewing divas and Cidell can’t forget here. I can’t wait to see that jacket finished.

  4. Your new jeans ROCK. Totally! I’m in awe that you drafted those yourself…I hope to be that good someday! Pants intimidate me.I love your new top as well…keep the inspiration coming! 😀

  5. You are just amazing!!! If I could make a pair of jeans that looked like that, I would never buy any again. I have a thing about wearing the same thing twice also. I do wear the same thing twice, but I put alot of space between it. However, I can’t sew as fast as you 😦 so I have to buy some clothing.

  6. Those jeans are Fantastic. What a great butt fit! I’ll be calling in a few years when my 8yo hits teendom and needs good fitting jeans. She’s already having butt fit issues LOL! LA to Lancaster? Just a measley little hour. No biggie. I’m a county social worker. Done the drive many, many times. Notice, I said I’d be calling YOU rather than trying to figure out how to do it myself LOL! Some things are better left to the pros. Love reading your blog and You’re one of the bloggers who’s inspired me to really get back in shape. Thanks!

  7. Mimi, great job on all the sewing. Those jeans are so incredible, the fit, the fabric and the pockets, everthing is fantastic. I like your dress and top, heading to check out the link for the top. Thanks for always having such wonderful inspiration.

  8. Love the jeans you really did a great job I don’t buy jeans anymore because they do not fit correctly. Your jeasns look perfect Good job. Some one wanted a tutorial on welt pockets. I purchased a video from Peggy Sagers showing how to make welt pockets and it is excellent

  9. I love love love all of the featured items! Especially that black and white paired with the yellow accessories.I frequent your blog but do not comment enough – you do beautiful work!

  10. Mimi you are so cute! the jeans are hot!I wondered if the dresses were for Sunday…I understand about not wearing a dress once before…what woman does not! you were the first to admit it out loud!

  11. WOW!!! Awsome jeans!You and Erica B (rolling eyes – I’m so jealous)And then you make two other items to boot? How do you accomplish all this with 6 KIDS too! I’m truly baffled. I think you must have some elves living with you.

  12. I love the jeans and the black and white top! I want to make jeans too, but as you said, I am afraid fitting will be a nightmare.The dress also looks great!

  13. Ok! Now we know who is the best!! Great fit, even the thighs, which is the hardest to do. Nice use of a semi-bounded pocket. I think that you can grade the back(butt) seam, and use some binding to reinforce the seam. Oh yea, before I forget,:”Baby got back!”

  14. Those jeans are AMAZING! They look 10 times better than anything you could buy! I love seeing the things you’ve made. I’ve always been reluctant to do pants because of the fit. But now I know there is hope for me.

  15. I’m having a hard time believing this is your FIRST pair of jeans! They look fabu! I’m still too scared to even try pants, talk less of jeans… And making a new dress for church each week – whaaaat?! You’re definitely inspiring, Mimi…

  16. Wow, you jeans look and fit great. You know what’s coming next. When is class in session. I was dicussing jeans last night with a class mate. He’s making a pair for himself. I would so love to make myself a pair. In all my years I have only been able to find one pair of jeans that fit me great and…I can’t fit those anymore. : D I’ve been following your blog for a little bit. I’m a fashion student and you have been an inspiration to me. You’ve assisted me silently in getting my sewing room in order. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

  17. The jeans are awesome, especially with your designer touch. The dress is killer and you made it in a couple of hours? Wow! And the top is too cute. Girl, how do you get so much sewing done?

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