I just got my gravity feed iron and OMG!!! it is fabulous!!!!!

okay got to go iron now, I swear non-sewers must think im nuts being so excited about a iron…LOL

Thanks Erica B for the info 🙂


6 thoughts on “OMG!!!

  1. Oh honey I TOO KNOW THE JOY OF A GOOD IRON. I’m on my second tank fed continuous steam iron (rowenta) and they’re just soooooo much more functional than the little “unenlightened” irons that non sewers use. I have to tell you, your new one looks like a piece of COMBAT GEAR. I’m seriously envious!!!! Ginger in MD (stitchmom)

  2. Happy New Year, Mimi!So, you’ve had it for a while now…what’s the verdict on your gravity fed iron? I’m so ready to buy one if you like it. I’ve been lusting after a Sussman for about 20 years, but I could actually afford this!By the way, I just tripped over your blog the other day. I love it. You are an amazing talent. Your book reviews have me salivating, your skill it eye-popping. I’m so glad to take advantage of how generously you share your knowledge and your great teaching instincts. Thank you!

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