Wow! what the hell did I do??? LOL!!!

Okay, this began as me asking for feedback which by the way I got and THANK YOU so much you guys for all of the great advice you gave me. You guys are great!

Now it started something different, I did not know that I would be attacked for my “lack” of the English language or my poor spelling etc.. but mostly for my choice in homeschooling my kids.

This was left as a comment on my post (posted in my comments by Alexandra) and my response via email to Alexandra was simple. I explained that I myself do not home school my kids because I personally don’t think I am capable of doing it correctly therefore according to California you must have an accredited teacher present in order to home school, which we do. I could never do that myself I could barely get through math class when I was in

Not that I need to explain myself to anyone but I did feel like clearing that up. What I did not expect was the comments that came in after in support of Thank you to those who spoke in my defense, you guys rock 🙂

This is how the first email started:

“Okay… At the risk of sounding condescending” Lol! yeah okay whatever!…


10 thoughts on “Wow! what the hell did I do??? LOL!!!

  1. Don’t let it get to you. I don’t understand how people can judge without getting proper information. We also don’t need to be reassured that we are in America I believe we know that. Keep teach your kids they way your doing. As long as they are not out here doing anyone harm they are ok. I believe it make some people feel better when they put people down. They just need to get a life.

  2. I had to go back and read that. She was out of line. I respect the fact that you are married, part of parental team. You and your husband have decided what was best for your family. I read homeschool (not a choice I would make) and didn’t bat an eye because I know y’all got that! For a complete stranger on the dang on internet to come at you like that was offensive as all get out! She doesn’t know you… she’s never meet your kids. How dare she make assumptions on whether you are astute enough to homeschool your children based on ramblings on a dang blog! Some people have way too much time on their hands.

  3. Mimi:I think she was out of line as you did not ask advive about home schooling, but what to do about your child being bullied at school. I’m quite sure that you have additional resources for home schooling your children. I think sometimes people have this vision of a couple from PA who look like they should be in the movie Deliverance and think they may not be the ones homeschooling their children. Personally, I do not think you are one of those parents. There are pros and cons about almost everything life, there are pros and cons about public and private school, and there are pros and cons about homeschooling, but the last time I check we are living in the United States, and you have the right as a citizen and person to choose the kind of education you need for your children. So do not worry about it.

  4. I don’t know of the comments that were made or the origin, but I say this, once you put yourself on the internet it entices all kinds of people. Most have goodwill, but there are always a few nuts. You have done many out there a service by sharing your sewing knowledge and obviously sharing spirit. Roll with that. I figure most parents try their best in behalf of their children. I have a large crew at home too and home-schooling is not my choice either. I leave that to those who have dedicated their lives to the training and patience it involves. I also applaud those that do home-school. You keep right on doing what you do ’cause I’m definitely inspired by it.

  5. Wow, I had to have (a very quick) read of that too! Mmmm. I always like to think the best of people, and maybe she just wanted to help – but publicly? How about a private email? Well as an aside and just for interest only, we in Australia do not home school at all. There maybe very rare exceptions but generally children HAVE to go to school until they are 15. I don’t have an opinion whether this is good or bad…it just is. One thing about the internet – we sure learn a lot about different cultures! And we really need to be careful about what we say.

  6. I read "condescending-gate". LOL She, in mho, was definitely out of line, and wayyyy too wordy! Perhaps trying to show her supreme intellegence.At any rate, as a parent and teacher of high schoolers, I think your initial attempt to resolve the problem was adequate. You brought it to the administrations attention. But, since the problem seems to be escalating, administration needs to bring the parents of the "perp" in ('cuz they're on their way to being a perp)and discuss the situation with both parent(s) and child(ren). Then, if there is no resolution by all means let your daughter open a can of woop *&$$!!! I'm sorry I may be jaded having been teaching undisciplined future paroles for almost twenty years now. Damn, I'm sorry for calling them that too! lol KEEP HOPE ALIVE! Right?

  7. I think having all sorts of opinions gives you more perspective on your own problems, so hopefully, even with all the negatives, this has all helped you somehow! In the end, we all have to deal with our problems ourselves, right?From way over here in Malaysia, I see you as a formidable woman capable of dealing with anything (I only have two kids, haha!). And what mum wouldn’t want the best, in their opinion, for their kids? So keep on truckin’ Mimi!

  8. mimi – I love your blog, but have never commented. This issue saddens me. I’m so sorry that you had to put up with this.I personally was home schooled back when homeschooling wasn’t so cool. I think its awesome that you choose to do what’s best for each child in that not all your kids are at home.I hope that you can figure out a solution to your child’s bully issue and that the bully here on this blog chills out.{{{{Hugs}}}}

  9. Alexandra uses too many commas and has multiple run-on sentances in her post. Bloody hell! she is a snob and obviously suffers from a mental disorder. Why, pray tell did she go off of her medications? There are cases of “cyber-bullies” that land their butts in jail cells. No one can hide! It only takes a few clicks of the mouse to find her (or him) hee hee!whooooooooooo…Boo!

  10. Well…you could always sew punk spikes into your daughter’s sleeves…and then the next time that bully punches your daughter in the arm she’ll get a real shock.Okay…that was just kidding…in a sort of I want her to get even in a non-violent kind of way. Sorta on the same lines as when a dog won’t stop jumping on you, you are supposed to knee them in the chest.I hope your daughter can build up her confidence and stand up to these bullies. Maybe she could try kissing them? That could shock them out of it.I don’t know. Really, you’ve got a lot of advice on here. I hope everything works out. Pay no attention to my drifting mind of ideas.I read Alexandra’s post and it didn’t really sound too bad. I think she was just ragging on homeschooling. Don’t homeschoolers ban together in neighborhoods? And it’s actually really like a school with an accredited teacher? That is what I thought anyway. With just a few kids instead of hundreds of kids.I have a cousin that has been home schooled and she decided to spend her Senior year in a real High School just so she would have that experience. I definitely think alternative schooling has its merits.If this bullying doesn’t get resolved I’d get her out of that situation quick. Even thought you have European readers…that too might be here in the U.S. they should also know that schools just aren’t the same as what they used to be. Anymore, you can find plenty of afters school, weekend, daytime organized activities to enroll your child in that they do get the ‘social’ skills they need.I’m babbling….good luck Mimi. We’re rooting for you.

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