That is it!!!!

okay this is the last and final post about this because this is just ridiculous. Alexandra has now insulted all of you as well (in comments) I tried to handle it nicely earlier and laugh it off but now she kinda ticked me off by insulting my readers so I sent an email calling her a snarky bitch, which I prob should not have done but oh well! sometimes I just have a hard time being the bigger person.

Tomorrow we will return to the usual sewing and fun 🙂
Good night ladies

6 thoughts on “That is it!!!!

  1. Mimi, I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, and THANK you for all the awesome advice! I agree with most readers, but I just wanted to point out that I have excelent writing skills, not so great at spelling, but I work for a very prestigious company, and I write like an idiot in blogs…why? becuase I write them in a hurry. Assuming that the way we write in our social internet spaces is the way we are in a profesional setting is just….well…dumb. Alexandra, in America we have a saying, “When you assume things you make an ass our of u and me.” Get it? AssUme. it’s funny. Just wanted to share, oh and if you think we are all just dumb folk why are you even reading?

  2. Mimi:There is no need to apologize. I am glad that the situation at school is getting better, and it really doesn’t matter to me what Alex says. She is entitled to her opinion, but at it would have been nice if she knew all the facts before opining.

  3. Wow, having read the post and all the comments, the first thing I realized reading Alexandra/Europe’s comment was that “she” is a bully herself. An internet bully, but a bully nonetheless. Actually, I believe the correct term is troll, and I have one rule about trolls – never feed them.Regarding your daughter, I can sympathize. I was bullied as a child. The bully’s name was Jeanne, and she was the ringleader of a crew who psychologically and physically beat up on me. That lasted from 2nd until 4th grade. At one point she cornered me on the playground when we were by ourselves after school and started picking on me. I had enough and punched her lights out. I don’t advocate that, but afterward, she gave me grudging respect and a wide berth. It taught me early on that you can’t put up with bullying. To this day, if someone tries to bully me, I call them on the carpet and put a stop to it. I hope you and your daughter work something out that is good for her. My son had to deal with a bully in football last year. He’s been in karate since he was 4, and he’s a junior black belt now. DH and I gave him permission to defend himself since the coaches weren’t doing enough to stop it. He finally picked the kid up by the collar, screamed in his face, “LEAVE ME ALONE!” and threw him on the ground. No injuries, but the bully hasn’t bothered him since.Sorry to go on so long. Clearly this is something that means a lot to me. Best of luck!

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