Update on my DD

Well, so far so good. After my convo with the principle and the teacher it seems that the kids have backed down, the principle had a convo with some of the parents and also had pulled the kids out to talk to them. The last few days have been good, she has had no problems so I am hoping this will continue. I will updtae you guys again if something changes.

Again, thank you to those who actually gave me advice on what I was ASKING 🙂 I am going to delete the previous few post because all though I am all for freedom of speech this is my dang blog and I can do, say and believe whatever I want, that is one of the benefits of being an American right?

This has become more then it should have and I do not tolerate hate or nastiness or anyone putting other people down just because they feel they are superior then most. Usually those people are full of s**t anyway.

So I apologize on behalf of the ignorant for offending my readers, I myself love you and think you guys are great and I value all of your opinions, choices and lifestyles.


14 thoughts on “Update on my DD

  1. Glad things are better, but this line right here:”I do not tolerate hate or nastiness or anyone putting other people down just because they feel they are superior then most. Usually those people are full of s**t anyway”THAT IS SO TRUE! PREEEEACH lol

  2. I’m also glad things are better! I second Adrienne’s AMEN! That is so true. Those types are usually the ones with the most insecurities. I guess in my old age, I’ve learn to take ignorant people like that and box them up. I feel pity for those types because they are truly miserable.

  3. I am glad the situtation with your daughter is better. I believe Alexandra was try to psychological bullying with you. I am glad that you let her comments roll off your back like water off a ducks back!

  4. Happy to hear that your daugher’s situation has improved. Fingers crossed it continues. As to the other matter, I’m just flabbergasted that someone is that mean and haughty. I agree with Erica, she must be truly miserable.

  5. Glad things are better for your DD. Bullying seems to be a major issue these days. I think you did the right thing to improve your DD’s situation. I finally found your blog again (what happened to Domestic Haven? – that’s what I had bookmarked) and have read about your DD’s trouble and then the comments left by the dingbat on her high horse. Why do I have to have such a moron namesake? Sheesh! Some people just aren’t worth the time. I agree with kelroc that fortunate Alexandra with a passport is a bully and ignoring her is best.

  6. So good to hear, that things are goning better for DD. And I think you are totally right, you can of course delete comments whatever on your blog. And of course you can believe and say whatever you want on your blog. I actually think this should be possible regardless of your nationality. So the thing the commenter wrote about the passport is really just tasteless.Greetings from Switzerland

  7. I’m glad that things are looking up for your DD.I thought a personal blog is a place where share your creativity, laugher, learning and sewing experiences. ALL ABOUT FUN! If you learn a new sewing techique or idea from someone else blog, that’s the reward you receive from reading.I LOVE YOU BLOG! Keep on doing what you do. OH! THAT’S NOT A COMPLETE SENTENCE. SORRY! LOL!

  8. I’m glad things are better for your DD, and there is nO REASON for anyone to be hateful or nasty to you!Bravo, to you for calling these people on their sh**!

  9. I guess I should add I was bullied in EUROPE by suave multilingual girls with passports. I like living in North America better except for missing my family, the old architecture and some of the food.

  10. HI MimiHow about changing your comments so that you have to approve them. I know it is more work but some of these people are ridiculous. I come here to look at the beautiful clothes that you make not to critique your spelling or your language. BTW I love the jacket. I am glad that your daughter is having a better experience at school and for the record my first thought was that she sould knock them out too. But that’s because I have a little temper and don’t people messing with the babies.

  11. i have raised 3 great kids and they have all had this problem at one time or another. i tell them to walk away and if it continues they had my permission to knock the kids ass out but be willing to except what the consquences of your actions. usually if you hit back that is the end of it…

  12. Hi Mimi:I’m glad your daughter is doing well and the situation is resolved. Hoping it keeps up! I just cannot understand bullies in general (in school or on the internet). I love your blog and the creativity you show in your designs/clothes. Keep at it! That’s why we come to your blog! There are some weird trolls out there and you are not the only Sewing blogger who has had this problem. At one point Gigi stopped blogging b/c of trolls on her site and we were all pretty sad b/c we enjoyed her posts. So don’t let that happen to you. 🙂

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