In the Works

I have a few things going at the same time. I finished this little T yesterday, it is so cute 🙂

I also made this Vogue top again that I had made it in black a few weeks ago 🙂 I needed a white one so here it is, the sleeves are pinned to the back 🙂 lol

I have been working on a coat for a few weeks now, I pick it up and put it down, I have it almost finished except for the lining and the buttons that I still have not finished. I hate hand sewing so I am taking my time with finishing the

I used a great lining for it and the fashion fabric is a faux furry thing from Joanns 🙂

pinned closed for now

I have decided to brand the jeans I make with my logo on the pockets so I pulled out my embroidery machine and I digitized my logo jpeg to pes file. This is my test, I am so excited to put it on my jeans back pockets 🙂

more to come in a few days 🙂


10 thoughts on “In the Works

  1. Mimi,Girl…what can I say? You are just the mofo BOMB!!! I bought that same sweater fabric for a wrap dress. Luv it.The coat is fabulous girl. The logo is nice also. Did you have to do a copyright on it?

  2. OmGoodness, I was at Walmart and saw the argyle fabric, but passed it up for other fabric to make curtains… I must go back… That blouse is so cute. Your coat is defintely Rockin’ and the logo is awesome.

  3. You are such a wizard. I can’t believe you accomplish so much and with such precision. Question: What knit did you use on the white knit shirt? May I also say as former Home School coordinator for a public school, I have great admiration for families who commit to home school their children. The children do very well and yes, they can cope in society when it comes time to do so. I also know it takes a special gift. I thought I would do it when my family moved to Trinidad for a year. Thank goodness the kids’ school was terrific and way ahead of the States because we probably would have ended up hating one another.

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