PR BWOF 10/2008 #117

This is the first BWOF pattern I have made, I have to confess that I collect the magazine but the thought of tracing lines is just too much for me. Well, after deciding that I really wanted to make this some months ago I finally decided to go ahead with it and IT WAS NOT SO BAD it didnt really take that much longer and it was kind of relaxing.
I did cut a size 34 in BWOF and that seem to work for me since I am not familiar with the sizing and fitting ease for BWOF. I did not read the instructions so I dont know if they were any good…LOL it was so simple it just didnt need instruction. NOW, I am hooked and plan on doing a lot more BWOF
I am pissed that I have a years worth of magazines and I am just now trying one out..LOL

15 thoughts on “PR BWOF 10/2008 #117

  1. It fits you perfectly.SOme 30 years ago, I learnt sewing with BWOF. The patterns were printed more densely on one sheets. It was a bit of a challenge to find the lines then. It has become much easier now. I’ve discovered Vogue pattern quite recently, and I like them. But I feel uneasy that the seam allowances are included. 🙂 Although it is easier to cut the fabrics, but old habits …

  2. Super-cute on you! Based on your review, I’m planning on making this. It’s my first BWOF- question, did you alter the waist at all? I like that it’s fitted. Also, it calls for lining- did you use the same fabric as the garment or something different? Thanks!

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