I have been busy: PIC HEAVY!!

Im Back! I have been busy with the holidays so I have not been blogging but thank you to those who emailed me to see if all was well 🙂 I have been busy sewing too..lol I cropped my head out of some of the pics cuz I didnt like my face..lol

There are more to show you but I have not taken pics yet, maybe tomorrow..lol

Click Images to enlarge!

Simplicity 2694

Fabric: Printed Cotton

Modifications: None

Conclusion: This is a great little pattern I really love it. I think next time I will make the longer version eliminate the center pleat and add more volume to the skirt. I like this look with the leggings it is super cute!

I know I have made this like 4 times already…lol I added a turtleneck 🙂

I love this skirt, it fits really nicely and it is so comfy 🙂

Skirt: Self Drafted Pencil Skirt

Fabric: an amazing Tweed fabric I bought a few weeks ago, I love this fabric I wish you could touch it 🙂 lol

Fabric: Silk Cotton Shirting

Modifications: Well, this was time consuming…geez! First I cut the princess panels and realized that the stripes would not match…Crap!!! so I re cut them and decided that I would angle the stripes on the side panels and it worked, it looks great! I then decided to angle the stripes on the cuff and I re-cut the collar so I could add a CB seam and create a chevron pattern for the CB.

Conclusion: I love this top!!!

On Petunia

On me

Fabric: Grey Brushed Wool

Modifications: None really I used two silver belt closures for the belt and added 1″ to the length

Conclusion: I love it! it is so easy to make, I didnt even need the instructions, I does not call for a lining so i didnt make except for the peplum, I did not want to have a hem so I double faced it and then stitched it the bodice.

Fabric: Corduroy
Modifications: I used the belted closures instead of the hook and eyes.

Conclusion: I love this jacket, the pattern was great and easy to follow, I used a colorful lining because that seems to be a signature for me..lol

Would I recommend it: Yes, I think this is a great little jacket 🙂
On Petunia

On Me



30 thoughts on “I have been busy: PIC HEAVY!!

  1. geez! you made some fab clothes! I like the bright green jacket! I found some gorgeous quilted parka type fabric. I’m thinking of making a vest…any pattern suggestions?XO

  2. All of your garments came out so nice. I’m waiting for the other photos. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen a post from you now I know you were buy sewing.

  3. Love each of those items but partiularly the green jacket. I have this pattern – I may have to bite the bullet and try the jacket. Love the belt buckle closures too – do you buy them like that?

  4. Busy? That must be an understatement, judging by the pictures! Some serious eye candy there! I really love the gray wool peplum jacket and your tweed pencil skirt.

  5. Everything looks so great. The sewing bug must have really bit you. lolololol Can you tell me what patterns you used, especially with the button up blouse. Thanks

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