I Knit!

I just finished my “Green Gables” Top 🙂 except it’s gray and not green..lol

I love this pattern but it was short so I added more length and still it was shorter then I really liked. The pattern however is so easy!!! I am going to make it again with a LOT more length.


16 thoughts on “I Knit!

  1. I love the gray you chose. I made mine 2 years ago and found it too short too. Adding about 5 extra inches would make this the perfect top. Yours looks wonderful.

  2. Cute! I was almost finished with mine when I realized I messed up the lace section! LOL I threw it in the trash and ordered some new yarn. I had already used that yarn on another project that went sour so I am NOT using that yarn again lol. Bad juju lol.

  3. I love it–and I love the skirt you have it paired with from what I can see of it. I want to learn to knit. I bought that CD that you recommended awhile back. When I have time I am going to teach myself.

  4. Very pretty! I made a Green Gable a couple of years ago, I like it but its a little big…..fun pattern tho! Next up on my needles will be the February Lady Sweater…..

  5. Hey Mimi, Love your GG in gray. Made this sweater 3 times I love the way it came out for my daughters but for me not so much I am thinking of taking it back to the waist and cinching the waist more.

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