Just Because

It’s nice to look back and see what you have done with all that time, lol. I just picked some that were either my favs or that meant something to me because of sentimental things or whatever..lol

Click to play Mimi Goodwin


13 thoughts on “Just Because

  1. Fabulous!! Your garments are beautiful. I can only that when I grow up I want to sew as well as you do (LOL). I always look forward to viewing your new creations.Joyce in NC

  2. You certainly have a gift. All of your garments are beautiful. I got a new apple and lost all of my bookmarks and I could not find your site for days I was going crazy. You are the first site I go to when I am checking the blogs. Thanks for all of the inspiration. If you ever decide to teach a class. Like one of those weekend seminars that some people have. I will definitely come even though I live in Atlanta. I will make a it like a quick vacation. Just a thought.

  3. Mimi — I had an epiphony the other day regarding what a prolific sewer you are. Here’s the deal: I don’t even have the energy to go out and SHOP for the amount of new clothes you SEW. Do you ever sleep?

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