Coverstitch Machines and Sergers

Some of my newbie readers have asked what the difference is between a serger and a coverstitch machine: Here is a brief explanation πŸ™‚

A coverstitch is the twin or triple needle stitching you see on the hems of most ready-to-wear knit garments. The top looks like parallel rows of straight stitching and the underside looks like serger loops which *cover* the turned down raw edge. Sometimes the “wrong” or loopy side is sewn on top as a design feature, especially in activewear


A Serger is used to finish off raw edges with a clean and unfraying finish, also used for hems and joining pieces together (sometimes you may need attachments) The serger sews much faster then a sewing machine but should be used as a supplement to your machine not as a multi-funstion machine.

6 thoughts on “Coverstitch Machines and Sergers

  1. I didn’t understand this until recently. Really it was when I was researching my new serger – the Babylock Evolve, which has the capability of doing both nicely.

  2. I have been wondering what the difference is. I have a Babylock serger and I think it is the Evolve. I had no idea it would coverstitch. Obviously, I didn’t read the instructions that came with it 😦

  3. Hey Mimi! thanks for adding this. When you get a minuteyou post techniques for those of us who don’t have a serger? I am starting my first knit piece in the coming weeks. I only have a Singer (and I’m broke to boot, LOL). What can or how can I achieve serger-like construction on a regular machine?Thanks for being here…

  4. This is ALL NEW TO ME… How many machines do you need. I know some might day depends on what you want. But lets just say. If I wanted to be fully equipped to do everything.. how many and what kinds of machines do I need?

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