DIY: Maxi Dress

Update: The video for the youtube teaser was set to private…duh! so I fixed that 🙂 As promised.. Oh Boy!!! okay here is the link to the 36 minute video on how to make an Old Navy maxi dress using your dress form. I also show the construction process so enjoy. I dont ever charge […]

Add On

Tracy left a good comment regarding my last post so i thought I would give you an additional tip: Just like any top pattern you know if you have a long torso or not and you can add length to the bodice. Also the pants pattern came together so good, because they are loose fitting […]

Pattern Review: Sorta

I could have saved myself a lot of time drafting the patterns for the dress and pants I posted a few days ago…lol I decided I wanted to make myself a jumpsuit/one piece/ whatever you want to call it. So I took my bodice pattern for the dress and attached it to the pants pattern […]