Blazer, B5247 & Music

So Sunday was the first time my 15 yr old has ever sung in front of people, beside me and daddy of course. Our pastor wanted chastidy to sing for the church after he heard her play for the first time a few weeks ago in our house. She agreed but was so SCARED!!!!

Saturday night she asked me to make her a blazer because she said she needed to feel cool and a little rocker…lol for her performance on Sunday, so I drafted a quick blazer for her with (her words) shiny fabric on the collar stuff” lol.

This is her original song “My Melody” after she walked off stage she started balling her eyes out, she was so terrified but held it in until she was done 🙂

This is what wore, I made B5247, I made the belt wider and longer to do a complete wrap around. But my shoes are FIERCE!!!!!! LOL!!!


15 thoughts on “Blazer, B5247 & Music

  1. On top of being beautiful, your daughter has talent. The blazer was cool.I cannot beleive you have a 15 years old daughter. You had her when you were 15 your self ? You look so young. Your dress is a killer on you, plus with those shoes… oh lala ! Anne

  2. She is so talented and beautiful!! I just made that dress again too in a pretty bamboo knit print! Girl don’t start talking about fierce shoes! LOL Let me send you an email! LOL

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