Pattern Review: Sorta

I could have saved myself a lot of time drafting the patterns for the dress and pants I posted a few days ago…lol

I decided I wanted to make myself a jumpsuit/one piece/ whatever you want to call it. So I took my bodice pattern for the dress and attached it to the pants pattern and lo and behold a jumpsuit 🙂 BUT this is why I could have saved myself time. I went to joanns and was looking through pattern magazines then I came across two that I could have easily blended to create the same exact look. so I did a test and it worked so I made it again in this great plumb color fabric.

I will tell you how I did it.

(click to enlarge)

First you need these two patterns:


Okay so you cut out the bodice of v8241 and cut out pants from V1096, (make sure to check that the bodice hem width and the pants wait width will match) add some SA to the sides of the bodice so that it matches the waist of the pants.

After you complete all the steps for the bodice set aside and sew the pants together. The pant leg is inserted into the other and then the crotch seam is sewn, sew the crotch starting in the CF and stop 4″ before you get to the CB waist, you will need this to add your zipper.

Then attach the bodice to the pants, serge or finish you edges once they are sewn in 5/8″ SA and press up towards bodice. From the front sew the SA down to create a casing for the elastic.
not you will add the elastic to the waist making sure to thread your elastic just past the CB Seam so you can easily attach your zipper with out the gathering of the elastic. (do this on both sides)

Now you can add your invisible zipper and add the elastic to the hem of the pants if you would like.

lol, there is the quick explanation, if you need help email me mimigoodwin at mac dot com.


6 thoughts on “Pattern Review: Sorta

  1. I like doing it your way better. At least you know you have enough room through the crotch area. This is one of those jobs where the neck to waist mesurement has to be correct or your jumpsuit will be a killer. You know what I mean.

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