Add On

Tracy left a good comment regarding my last post so i thought I would give you an additional tip:

Just like any top pattern you know if you have a long torso or not and you can add length to the bodice. Also the pants pattern came together so good, because they are loose fitting the crotch falls right onto

When I did the muslin, the pants waist is right at the natural waist which makes it a great pattern to mesh with the top. Remember to do two things!!!

Add the 2″ to the top of the pants since you wont be using the waistband and add 1″ to the bodice length so that you get a nice foldover when worn.

Tracy has left a new comment on your post “Pattern Review: Sorta“: I like doing it your way better. At least you know you have enough room through the crotch area. This is one of those jobs where the neck to waist measurement has to be correct or your jumpsuit will be a killer. You know what I mean.


6 thoughts on “Add On

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