Knitting and Maxi Dress

Hi Guys

So I have not been sewing much but I did manage to make another Maxi Dress, the same way as in the tutorial I made for you guys minus the gathers. I also knitted myself a tube top which I prob wont ever wear because I feel weird in tube tops but it was too cute to pass up, I think it’s from a book called “Fitted Knits” not sure 🙂

(click images to enlarge)


Back (need to weave in my yarn)


21 thoughts on “Knitting and Maxi Dress

  1. That is from the Fitted Knits book by Stefanie Japel. It’s got so many wearable items. That looks amazing. If you don’t like tube tops, you can chain stitch and add straps to the sides. You could also use ribbons or beads. I’ve seen a few on ravelry that way and they are more wearable.

  2. Your tube top came out great. I agree tube tops can be uncomfortable to wear. Since it has such a nice lace pattern, have you considered wearing it over another shirt, or perhaps a simple dress? It wouldn’t be too difficult to add sleeves, if you needed to.

  3. Super cute tube top. Wear it in the fall over a white shirt and with a pinstripe skirt and high heels or boots. It’ll have the secretary sweater vibe with a little twist.

  4. I’ve been sewing for a while, making purses and blankets, and the use of patterns, but never tried to sew like the way you’ve showed us to do… with the whole draping thing. I have really enjoyed making my own dress form even if I am a size 22. Just looking at it, makes me cringe. However, I’ve watched your draping video and I’m learning how to do that as well. I will try this Maxi dress as you have made it look so easy to do. Thank you for all the videos they really help. I am amazed just like the rest of the girls on how much stuff you can do and get done. Super Woman. Thank you again for the videos and your blog. Keep up the good work.

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