Whass Up!

Sorry I have been MIA, thanks for the emails checking on my well being..lol Im okay 🙂 just spent 5 days in Vegas (work/fun) and now I am back. I will update you guys soon with pics and stuff but for now this is how me and daughters spent last night 🙂 they were trying […]


Hi! I managed to squeeze in a outfit for Easter and a few other things, I will do reviews later today or tomorrow. For now, here are some pics, my honey played Jesus at the Easter play so he was not dresses for the occasion..lol he is still fine..lol

Knock Off

So remember I said I wanted to knock off this dress.. well I wasn’t so interested in the fabric so much as the actual dress so here is my first attempt: Here is the draping I did for the bodice, this is a little tricky to do simply because there are no darts at the […]

I Went Fabric Shopping

Here are a few pics of my newly acquired fabrics, some of them are actually test fabrics for my collection (not the actual fabric that will be used) but same hand, weight, etc. so I can see how my initial test samples will look. All the fabric isnt shown because my table couldnt hold all […]