Knock Off

So remember I said I wanted to knock off this dress.. well I wasn’t so interested in the fabric so much as the actual dress so here is my first attempt:

Here is the draping I did for the bodice, this is a little tricky to do simply because there are no darts at the under bust to help get rid of the excess fabric so you have to be creative. After about 35 min I had a pretty good draft.

Here is the back, The dress has an invisible side zipper that will be attached. I tthink in a leter post I will try to show how I draped it.
I didnt have on make up so I cant show you my face…lol
Here is the first wearable muslin (click to enlarge)
On petunia 🙂

22 thoughts on “Knock Off

  1. Great job Mimi! I love your videos , knock offs and all you post. Th eone thing I would like to ask is if you can post a video or doc about making the cover for the dress form. what fabric did you use? how much more does the cover add to the measurements? thank youMG

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