I SUCK I know…but

I use to laugh when people said they had lost there mojo, I’d be like “what? i could never lose my mojo”…lmao well ladies and gents I have lost my freakin MOJO, i dont where it went so if you see tell it to bring it’s ass back home.

I dont know what is wrong, I just cant seem to find energy to do anything and I have gone in my studio started three projects and cant seem to finish a one…I dont know what is wrong with me 😦
does this happen to you guys often?? how do you fix it??
Help me lawd!..lol

19 thoughts on “I SUCK I know…but

  1. It happens to all of us. Some of us more than others, but it happens. Don’t worry, it’ll come back. Use all your free time to watch really bad tv. lol

  2. Hi Mimi, I have been thinking about writing to you. I saw your duck tape video on You Tube about a month ago and then I checked out your blog. You do good work and you have inspired me to do my own blog. We all get burnt out from time to time and need to take a break. I didnt put my user name because I just sign up.Good Luck on your line, Lisa S.

  3. Go dress shopping at VERY expensive stores. You’ll see a lot of great stuff that you KNOW you can make for yourself. If you live in a small town, just check out the dresses on Bergdorf-Goodman’s site. It always works for me.Good Luck!DianeDrexel

  4. You are so funny!!!I have to tell you that you’ve inspired me to get out of my comfort zone regarding sewing and learn about pattern drafting. Love all the beautiful things that you do. You just have to take it one day at a time and you’ll see that mojo come back in no time.

  5. Girl, you deserve a break…all that you’ve produced… AND it’s not always some easy stuff. Enjoy your family do some stuff you’ve put off around the house etc. Your mojo left, but we’re [sewing community friends] aren’t going anywhere. Continue to peep your head in to say “Hi” though [while we all put a APB out on Mimi’s Sewing Mojo]…Alright Chica

  6. I know what you mean. I havn’t sewed anything since March. I ready don’t have the drive or the energy.. I do know that I need to get on the ball my daughter graduates in June and I have make her dress so I hope mine comes back soon…lol…

  7. When it leaves, make pillows or pillow cases for some young child in the neighborhood. Make curtains or anything that won’t destroy your stash:) It will come back it always does, it’s in your blood.

  8. I never (maybe rarely) lose my mojo, but then 2 weeks ago (and into last week), poof it was gone! I got myself burnt out by having way too much on my plate, my son’s big 1st birthday party, writing articles and tutorials (6 in one month) and stocking my etsy shop really fried me. I didn’t do a thing – not even housework. Now I can’t wait to find the time to sew!

  9. It happens to me too. After I mope around for a few days, I surf the internet to see what other people are doing that’s like what I do. What’s the hot thing to make these days? I usually get my mojo back when I find that one project that inpspires me. Then it’s back! I get all kinds of ideas and I’m off and running in all kinds of directions. My mojo had left me for about a month. Then I saw your duct tape dress form video, it inspired me to start sewing again!

  10. Yeah, that happens to me too every now and again, mainly when I am burnt out and just overwhelmed with everything. I don’t want to do nothing but pray, eat snacks and relax, LOL.

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