"The Fashion Show" Review

The show is actually still on, it’s almost finished but I couldn’t wait to review it so here it is.

Concept: I like the fact that unlike project runway the challenges seem to be more fashion focused then, here is a plastic cup and a coconut now make it work…lmao, the first challenge was for them to make a “must have” piece and create 5 looks for the one garment….nice, I like that.

Judges: Okay I like that they are using an actual fashion show and using a live audience of people in the industry including buyers who will all vote together.

Contestants: they are the same batch of folks who showed up for the PR casting im sure.

Host: I am IRRITATED, 
Isaac Mizrahi, he’s not my fav or even in my top five but he knows his stuff so I will give him that.

BUT! Kelly Rowland???? okay look as part of Destiny’s Child I love her as a solo artist I love her but
what the hell is she doing as a host for this show, really come on! all the talented people we have in the
fashion industry and they choose Kelly??

She doesn’t know anything about design, she knows how to wear fashion not make fashion and listening to
her make comments on the collections just made me want to turn off the show….lol

Bravo, come on really? she can not possibly give these contestants any real advice, opinions, or criticism so
what was the point? im totally confused by that.

Collections: Blah! what were most of them thinking? I mean it looked like a high school fashion show, they 
lack sewing experience and some were just plain ugly..lol

I am not sure if I will watch again, we will see.


16 thoughts on “"The Fashion Show" Review

  1. I watched last night. Yep… Kelly Rowland??? What was Bravo thinking? I’m not that irritated by Issac or Fern, but Kelly? Sigh. I like the concept too. Sometimes the challenges on PR work my nerves. Can’t we just make clothing out of fabric? BTW, the first contestant to get on my nerves is Merlin. I hate him already. I’ll tune in again. I’m a sucker for this sort of thing.

  2. Kelly does not add anything to the show. I could do without her. I miss my Tim Gunn:( Isaac didn’t bother me so much. I liked the challange but boy did they really bomb it. Team challanges never come out super great though. I didn’t really like how they did the runway show. They tried to make it look too much like a real show. I like how on PR it was just the contestants and the judges watching the show. Merlin’s personality sucked but I loved what he made in the elmination challange. Of course it is not as good as PR but I’ll still be hooked.

  3. I fell asleep watching it, I was that bored. I’m a die-hard PR fan (have all seasons on DVD!), but this just felt wrong, like I was cheating on my husband! I don’t mind the hosts, and there’s no way I could’ve turned a t-shirt into a little black dress, but on what planet is a harem pant a must-have piece???

  4. I am a little on the fence with this one, but I am hoping that it gets better. Kelly was on an episode of Project Runway Australia & I think they saw her and liked her interaction with the contestants. But if it involves fashion and sewing, I'll watch it no matter how janky it is! lol

  5. Totally agree with you on this one.I’m having a difficult time believing Kelly as a creditable fashion/sewing advisor. However, I did like the challenges, they were more “realistic” from a sewing perspective. Let’s see if they continue to be that way.

  6. We’ll see how this one plays out. It was actually a little painful to watch but I too love the concept and love anything that has to do with sewing. I just got done watching PR Canada and loved Iman as the host.

  7. Okay… I watched parts of it too! I caught it late night… Im not too big on the hosts, but I love to see the outcomes of the outfits. It always intrigues me how and what they make. I loved the idea of a lil black dress out of a black T. They were pretty cute some of the dresses. Otherwise I shut it off after Merlin yelled at whoever…

  8. I’m with you, PR will be on Lifetime? in August, so I guess this will give me my fix, but I think you should be a contestant and show some folks how to sew and be fashion forward. Harem pants as must have!?!

  9. OK, here's my gripe – what the %^&* were they thinking, bringing on all of these contestants who CAN'T SEW??I can barely sew – but PR inspired me to get back into it and try again. This show is enough to make me STOP – with the exception of 4-5 of the current contestants, I can sew better than all of them.I miss PR :(!

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