Mojo still gone…

Well, I am not sewing *insert crying here* but I am trying to work on the line, sketching etc… just wanted to let you guys know I am stilll here…lol

here is what my desk looks like right now (sorry bad pics from my crackberry)


9 thoughts on “Mojo still gone…

  1. You’re doing a lot — those sketches are looking great!Two words: FIRST RESPONSE. One word: EPT.LOL. You never know. A baby is the first to be stealing the mojo. :)xoxox

  2. Your sketches look great! One things for certain even when your not sewing the mojo isn’t completely gone, you just start doing something else sewing related, like sketching and stuff. When I am not sewing I am thinking of new designs and stuff. Then I get a rush and have to sew ASAP, LOL, all hype and excited to see what my new design will look like.I need to join so I can have a name…

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