PR: M5878…Finally!

I have actually sewn two thing over the weekend, one is my own personal design but I need to add a few thing so I will show that to you guys later. I also started and finished (key word finished) lol a new McCall Pattern.

Pattern Description: Fitted, sleeveless wrap tunic A with lined bodice and band, front and back pleats, stitched facing and hem, snap closing
Pattern Sizing: I cut a size 4 on the bodice and a 10 for the skirt portion

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes I think it does.

Were the instructions easy to follow? I didnt follow them, I just gave them a once over before I started, it’s pretty easy to put together.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I love the look of it, it is so cute, I like the pleats in the front, I didnt so much like the back pleats so I fixed that and u can read about it below…lol

Fabric Used: Seersucker

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: The only two things I altered were the back and an extra pleat, okay here it is: The back skirt portion has you take two very small pleats, which I did and then when I tried it on I realized that all that did was create a really unflattering backside because it went straight from the back to the legs with out ANY definition. This is just nuts to me because as flattering and fitted as the front is you would think that they would have put a little more thought into the So instead what I did was removed the pleats and created large darts to take in the excess at the waist giving me a more flattering appearance.

Now, I know I was going from a size 4 at the waist to a 10 at the hip so I didnt want to grade it so much that I would lose the shape of the tulip so instead I cut the size 10 part of the skirt front, graded the back skirt from a 4 to a 10 at the hip and then I simply created an extra pleat in the front portion of the skirt to take up the extra ease.
Would you sew it again? Not sure if I will sew it again, I might.
Would you recommend it to others? Yes for sure, with the alteration šŸ™‚

Conclusion: I love this!!

Here is the back with the darts instead of pleats
Side View
Back neckline

10 thoughts on “PR: M5878…Finally!

  1. Turned out really well! I’d have to do the same alterations you did, and what you did was smart. Back darts are so much more flattering and if you can add an extra pleat to the front, no one will know the difference!

  2. Hey Mimi!! This is just too cute!! I had to run out and buy this pattern up right away. I have a question though.. What kind of fabric did you use to line it with? Thanks so much! Melissa xo

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