Im Back….

Hi guys! so I made back from DC yesterday and I was so tired, I was able to get some sight seeing in so that was cool (pics below) I also made it over to G Street Fabrics and picked up a few things but the best part of my trip was meeting Jacqui, Shawn and Netty they were all so great! and it really reminded me of why I do this blog to begin with, why I share my experience and give freely of my videos and stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s because there are really wonderful people out there who gain some bit of knowledge and it warms my heart that anyone would want to meet me because of my blog.

I truly appreciate all of you so much, you guys are kind, warm and always encouraging and for that I thank you so much. Netty (who needs a blog, come on gave me a lovely gift which I will take a pic of and post, Thanks Netty!

Here are a few pics of my time with the girls ( i took a few off of Jacquis

Netty, Shawn. Me and Jacqui

You know that is going to be a coat right??? lol

Does my ass look huge???omg!

The girls ๐Ÿ™‚

I had a great time ya’ll thank you so very much ๐Ÿ™‚

Mimi G.


5 thoughts on “Im Back….

  1. Hi Mimi, Glad you had a good time, I knew you would. I really wanted to meet you at G Street but it was a jam packed day and it was a ways from where I was. You’re such an inspiration to many, hope you can make it back sometime.

  2. Mimi — I'm an "intermediate beginner" at this sewing thing, and have been benefitting greatly from your vids on YouTube and through the blog here. Thank you so much for sharing these!Having moved to Houston from the DC area about two years ago, I'm extremely jealous of your recent trip to G Street Fabrics! I was always impressed with the variety of fabrics they had; their proximity to home at the time meant I could go, put my hands on things, and get an idea for the feel and the drape without ordering blind online. As I've been progressing in my skills and attempting more ambitious projects, I find I really miss that opportunity. High Fashion Fabrics here in town is only a close second to G Street, in my mind. It's also a little more inconvenient. =)Glad you had a good time and, again, thanks so much for sharing your experiences!

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