So I took Sunday off from working myself into the ground…lol and went to the Puertorican Festival here in LA…I stuffed my face, danced and went home…lol I’m so not a party animal 🙂

I had a good time, but now it’s back to the grind. My deadlines are fast approaching so please forgive me for the lack of project on this blog i hope to get into a rhythm soon. I cant show you guys any of my line sketches yet but soon.

Here is a pic or two cuz whats a post without a pic..lol, hmmm can you tell im puertorican and proud, lmao

Just because i just took this pic


11 thoughts on “Rican….lol

  1. Awwww he such a cutie! Oh and I made 3 maxi dresses, I have to find my batteries so I can send you a pick. Girl I mad 2 for me and one for my daughter. I am subscribed to your youtube (BWEnaj)

  2. Glad you enjoyed the PR day festiivies. I remember the PR day parade when I lived in NY there were soooo many people. BTW that is a nice picture of your little cutie pie.

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