I have only used a kwik sew pattern once before (a wrap dress) but Adrienne has hipped me to few kwik sew patterns that I am really feeling right now so I went to the website to see what else they had.

I found a few I really liked and a few I didnt. I am really into pantsuits (jumpsuits) right now but Overalls and Jumpsuits are VERY different…lol

If I see anyone making this pattern I may just have to delete you from my blogrolllol!!!

(for those sensitive folks I’m just being funny) but overalls never looked good even in the 80’s and 90’


10 thoughts on “Kwik..

  1. Kwik Sew patterns are not known for their fashion forward-ness! The directions are very easy to follow and they don't call them "Kwik" Sew for nothin'. I use them for basics.

  2. They don't look great in their photos or art (is their fabric choices) but their drafting and instructions are top notch. Just check out what regular sewers do with them on

  3. Mimi…first of all you are such a cute little thing that on you overalls would look stylin'.That said, LOL, I won't be making any soon…not that I'm afraid of being deleted from your blogroll..since I'm not there NOW, lol…but I don't want to scare my neighbors!

  4. I'm with you. I hate those overalls. Generally speaking, I hate Kwik Sew patterns. I don't even think they had great toddler/kid patterns. But then again, I can handle a regular pattern and have been sewing for 40 years! There you go! LOL!xox

  5. P.S. Ok, the website is definitely very cute — but why would you use these when Hot Patterns are so much fashion forward?xox

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