Pattern Collection

Adrienne posted about a post she read from someone who created a flickr of all her patterns, I thought that was a great idea so I started to do the same.

I started a new flickr and created sets based on type of garment instead of by big 4 company. They are not all in yet because I was doing it by memory but I will add what I am missing soon.

This is great because I can just look through my sets to see what Ihave instead of looking through my two huge pattern I still have tons and i mean TONS more to add, I have a problem with pattern sales too Adrienne..lmao

go check it out HERE

7 thoughts on “Pattern Collection

  1. I started mine last night and its going to be AWESOME when I finish! I'm also doing mine by garment type. i SHOULD Have started a new flikr acct for it but I just used the one I had lol.

  2. That's really cool. So for ahem…old, oop patterns you would just scan to JPG and post in an album I guess. It would be great, but with 500 patterns, maybe I'd better just try it going forward 🙂

  3. I have some of my pattern envelopes scanned and stored in my Picasa Web account. I never thought of it as a method of looking stuff up!! Thanks for the nudge!

  4. OMG! That is a wonderful idea! I have been scheduling weekly 1 hour "sessions" if you will, trying to log mine into a Microsoft Access Database which works because I can put all the detail in it as well. The only thing I have not figured out is how to upload a picture with each pattern just yet. I like this idea better, but because I am trying to stay on task, I will just stick with the database. Darnit!

  5. Mimi… I prayed and prayed for God to bring someone to me to help me figure this thing (the whole fashion thing in general)out. Its always been people not wanting to share or help. Then came you. I thank God 4 you. You have RE-inspired me!!! I dont have time to go to school etc. You are teaching me alot.God Bless You.

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