Updates and PR: Pic Heavy

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My DD wanted an outfit for an event she is going to with her daddy 🙂 she wanted a high waisted skirt that flared and a cute top..lol

so she picked the patterns and the fabric choice (she did great!) and I made it for her on Sunday.
We used NL 6872 for the skirt and M5708 for the top and I made it sleeveless at her request.

You think she likes it..lol and look at her tiny little waist..omg!

I was at Target the other day and they had these tank dresses for $16.99, I was like whatever I can make 3 for that price (it’s not always cheaper to make your clothes but sometimes it is)
so I went home took out an old tank and copied it and added length, there you have it, I love these.
It took like 1hr to make

We also got a doggie 🙂

and did you guys notice my faux hawk…lol I’m such a rebel 🙂 never mind the white flaky stuff I had just had it cut and added some gel that I do not like and flakes… dont buy generic Paul Mitchell is all I’m saying..lol


15 thoughts on “Updates and PR: Pic Heavy

  1. Your daughter looks adorable. The color combination is cute and youthful. Your hair rocks! I wish I was bold enough to chop mine off again. I did it once.

  2. Aww your dd is so cute!!She looks great in her outfit. You go Girl with your hair. I want to do something total different with my hair, but I have no idea what to do.

  3. I used to wear the same smile as your daughter when I felt like I had the coolest MOM in the world who is Great at what she does, it means don't I look fabulous:)

  4. I love the hair. Please do more videos, I would love to learn about making some tank dresses.Your husband looks familiar, has he been on tv or lived on the east coast, or does he have a brother that looks a lot like him that has. Anyway you too make a good looking couple.

  5. I just found your blog and have read it front to back. You have great information, a wonderful sense of humor, and a willingness to share – even the loss of mojo. Keep it up.

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