NYC Peeps….

Okay so I am attending Direction by Indigo International Exhibition of Creative Textile Design in NYC, I will be there from Aug 3rd to Aug 7th anyone want to volunteer to show me around NY. I have to get some sightseeing in since I HAVE NEVER BEEN BEFORE..I think I am the only puertorican who’s never been to NYC, lol.

If your up for it, email me 🙂 mimigoodwin at mac dot com

6 thoughts on “NYC Peeps….

  1. i am from nyc but moved to va. make sure you don't act like an out of towner in the fashion district. you can haggle down a price easy. if you are bringing the kids or a kid you have to go to fao schwartz. you have to go to 42nd just for a photo opt. at night you can sit for a while outside at bryant park and catch a movie. You have to go to the village or soho. or delancy street for some clothing inspiration. And last but not least my utmost favorite. go to tiffany's and if you can't afford the jewelry just get a keychain. I love just going inside that place.

  2. I'm actually going to the Directions show and Print Source (it's work related). Make sure you hit Elegant Fabric. I went there today and found Missoni fabric. I could have died on the spot. Are you going to the Bubbles Show? It's Aug 2-4

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