NYC…Im back :( Pic Heavy

Well NYC was amazing!!! I had such a great time im still feeling a little sad about leaving, I think I need to move there…lol I had a wonderful time at the shows but honestly the Cali fabric shows are better, I had dinner with a blogger friend now a real” friend Cindy 🙂 actually we had several dinners and outings she was a wonderful companion!

Thank you a million times Cindy. I have so much more to tell but honestly im still so here are some pics of the trip. Pics in no specific order

Mofongo…ya’ll dont know nuttin bought this!! lol


The naked cowboy, he played the guitar, took pics and grabbed asses….lol

It’s amazing, ill take a pic when I wear it 🙂

Yep, I had to buy something so I prob wont be eating for at least a month…lol

You know I had to go to the DVF store…

Lovely, I wonder if I can order one of those for my lawn 🙂

We got our dance on…who cares that is was just the four of

Cindy, me and John

Me and Cindy at dinner…girl that food was good 🙂

The school is big!!, I also hit up there book store and found that I own every book on the subject….lmao!

You know I had to go see it right???

Time Square, my hotel was in the perfect


15 thoughts on “NYC…Im back :( Pic Heavy

  1. great NYC pics!but…. what happened with your own label business you said was going to happen this summer? I am looking forward to seeing your designs and the launch of the line. any news??mg

  2. What a great post – the pics are fab. Really looks like an adventure (and am just a little bit insanely jealous of this trip!!)Just love the giant button and needle.

  3. Hey MimiNew York in the house. I was born and raised in New York (Brooklyn)until I left 5 years ago and now live in Virginia. I t look like you had FUN. What else can you have in New York. Gld to see the hospitality is the usual NYC style. I like your style and have been reading your blog. Great Stuff. I have one question is your husband and actor. (Virginia.Allen2@VA.GOV)

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