Cleaning out…

I am clearing out some video files and making room on my mac, but I wanted to share one with


One thought on “Cleaning out…

  1. Mimi, I found your site by accident (now i realize things are never an accident). All i can say is you are truly amazing,such a craft you have.If your ever in Connecticut I have a fabric store for you I go sometimes twice a week because of the deliveries when fabric comes it goes just as fast.This weeks find was silk organza (sheer) in tiffany blue also found the lining to match.I am attemping my first granddaughters bridesmaids dresses clearly nt up to your level but i try and thats what counts.Oh sorry got side tracked the fabric store is affordable fabrics and ALL yes ALL THE FABRIC is 1.99 a yard no not a misprint that is one dollar and 99 cents per yard.Please if your ever in the area I would be glad to show you my pride and joy fabric store. Thanks for listening keep up the awesome work. Carmen(boriqua)

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