Hello, I apologize for being away so much but geez I have been busy!! I have been hard at work on my line and OMG!!! let’s just say it is much harder and intense then I ever imagined….so much to do! I also have been traveling quite a bit so I am behind on my blogging. To be honest I have been doing most of my updates on facebook so if you wanna follow me a lil closer you can always check me out there.

okay so here two items I have sewn recently, I have more just have not taken photos yet šŸ™‚
Here is M5929

<img src="webkit-fake-url://F00BB452-713D-479A-8F58-BD06280486C5/M5929.jpg" alt="M5929.

Pattern: M5929

Fabric: Cotton Voile

This was a great pattern, it was easy enough to put together that I think a beginner would do well with it. It has a great fit and the ruffle down the front is really nice. I decided against the double ruffle and I am happy with that.

I also used snaps instead of buttons and I love the sleeves!


8 thoughts on “Updates

  1. BTW you are right. The pattern is very easy to do for a beginner. I made the shirt as my first blouse and it came out well. If I can do it anyone can.LOL. I love the way your's came out.

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