as many of you know I started charging for the downloads of my videos, mainly because it cost me money to store them etc.. I have tried to keep it a small download fee and so far many of you have been great about this.

Now I wont call anyone out but I will say this, once you purchase you get sent a code that allows you to download so I am only going to ask once to please not forward, share or distribute that pass code to your friends/family.

I am notified when a download occurs and by whom so it is very easy for me to know that if I have not received a paypal payment and my file is downloaded someone is sharing.

I do not want to have to pull my videos off the net as they have helped many and I hope that will continue but fair is fair so let’s try to keep it that way.



2 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Don't get me started, I haven't downloaded any of your videos but the sharing thing really ticks me off, it's stealing plain and simple why do people feel that it's not. Anyway good luck with your downloads hopefully everyone will play nice.

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