Organizing my INSANE pattern collection

I was reading my blogs last week and saw that Victoria had this great way to catalog her patterns so i decided I would steal

I foolishly thought I had maybe 200 patterns, i could get it done in a few hrs right??? HELL NO!
I went to Staples three times for more supplies and at the end I had counted just over 600 patterns!!! I have a

I took the pattern and instructions out and placed them inside a 6×9 envelope, labeled the upper right hand corner and put the pattern envelope in a plastic insert and into my binders…i had to recruit help at this point ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is my oldest staring at the

Randy’s job was to separate the envelopes by pattern company and then place them in alphanumeric order into the pattern cabinets..

The binders are so much easier to look through them going to the garage to look through my pattern cabinet..

I have five total…was still working on one

Top drawer is Simplicity and New Look
Second drawer is New Look and McCalls
Third is Butterick and Vogue and a few misc.. like Kwik Sew and Burda etc

I am loving my new system…Thanks Victoria ๐Ÿ™‚

14 thoughts on “Organizing my INSANE pattern collection

  1. That is fantastic. I just started the same thing with the outside envelope in plastic sleeves and in binders, but was putting the patterns in ziplocks. Thankfully, I've only done about 15 because after looking at yours, I think the envelopes will store more easily in my filing cabinet. This was a very timely post. Thank you.

  2. Ooo.. nice! I thought I had an extensive pattern collection… hehehe.. LOL! My system is very similar to yours except I'm using ziplocks. I love how you can just flip through the binder to see which one you want. Good luck!

  3. What a mission! I'm lucky not to have that many patterns… ahem yet. But what I do have need organising. Love that pic of your daughter, just classic!

  4. Mimi,That is awesome! What a task. I like the idea of having uniform sized envelopes. That makes everything fit into the cabinets so perfect. Great job! You are always full of so many great ideas!Cathy

  5. I have been doing this for a couple of years now. I did not separate my patterns by company just put them all in the drawers together by number. I have only had it happen one time where two companies have had the same number but they are right there together, so I know which one I want. I absolutely love having everything in the binders though right at a glance. Although it is a toss up for me whether to put the instructions inside the original envelope or the manilla envelope. Sometime when I am deciding what I want to do I like to look at the instructions and I will end up pulling a bunch of envelopes but that ok. Oh and BTW I realized I have a pattern addiction!!!! 5 notebooks later. Love your work.

  6. Hey…I JUST found you on YouTube…where have you been ALL my life?? I like your catalog system…the only other suggestion that I would make…would be that if you have pics of you in the garments that you have already made…you should put them in the binders with the pattern covers…that way you can see what print you used and what view you made.. There is nothing WORSE than making the same garment twice in the same color/style…You might also want to write on the pattern envelopes (the ones you file) any alterations that you made to the pattern.So now that I have shared my sage wisdom with you…I NEED to get off my rump and start cataloging my patterns using the VicMi filing system…;-)Thanks for the INSPIRATION!!~Marquita StewartThe Origional Black

  7. HEY MIMI!!! and others…For Sale: Antique Ladies Home Journal Cabinet. Used at LHJ Magazine to store dress and quilt patterns, which, as we are told, sold for 10 cents each at the time! It's 57 inches tall, 35 inches wide and 21.5 inches deep. The drawers go all the way back. Each drawer would easily hold pattern envelopes up to 5.25" wide and up to 8.5" tall. Solid oak construction. Made of white oak with a medium brown stain. One-of-a-kind. Real antique. Dated to be between 1890-1910. It says, "Ladies Home Journal Patterns" across the top front and the top middle drawer face has the LHJ insignia. The insignia is the profile of a woman wearing a bonnet encircled by the words "The Ladies Home Journal Patterns". Letter of authenticity from Ladies Home Journal. It's in excellent shape, but the words and insignia are not that clear. Tons and tons of storage, even if you can't fill it with dress patterns. See photos. Asking $1650. I would need about $1000 for this unique piece, then you could sell on ebay, or in your store/online, etc.. We should talk if you are interested in this cabinet.This 16-drawer glass pattern cabinet sold for $1750.

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