Hi! and a sneak peek

Im still here and actually have about 6 new pieces to review, i just have not worn them so I dont have pics and my lame attempt of a quick photo shoot for blogging purposes yesterday just ended up with blurry unattractive pics so today you get nothing..lol! I will take them again this weekend so you will have them soon.
On another note, I had to push my debut for my line by an entire season last year (shit happens you know) but now I am back on track, have my fabric swatches, sketches done, appointment with patternmaker…check samples in a few weeks, im getting excited.
My line is easy to wear, mix, match and classic with a lil funk put in the mix, i can see it coming together. It’s a lot of work for sure. I thought of doing the patterns/samples myself and then i woke up..lmao! are you kidding i dont have time.
anyway, just wanted to update you guys and leave you with a sneak peek πŸ˜‰

11 thoughts on “Hi! and a sneak peek

  1. Congrats on moving ahead on your fashion line! Your color pallet is stunning and I love the looks you posted. It's cool you'll be meeting with a patternmaker. Child, I just assumed you "whip" all of them up yourself but I know that's alot of work. Can't wait to see your finished line. I wish you all the best:)

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  3. I just found your blog today and can I say, you are my new hero. Your work is so inspiring. Tonight I will be dusting off the old sewing machine and getting back to work. Just awesome!

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