How to Draft and Sew The Harem Pants

Okay I got several emails asking me how to make the harem pants so here are three diagrams with instructions etc.

Diagram #1 tells you how to draft the pattern according to your measurments

Diagram #2 shows you the first few sewing steps

Diagram #3 shows you to finish it all up

I am not great at this pattern explanation stuff but I think it’s easy to follow. The diagram helps you to see what your pattern piece should look like as you are sewing it together.
*Click to enlarge*

10 thoughts on “How to Draft and Sew The Harem Pants

  1. No Mimi!! Here I am, in the middle of talking myself out of making these and you go and post this. You, my dear, are an enabler!! I think I might try to rock these….

  2. Hi Mimi, this is very generous of you, I am going to sew these right now for my dd who is working her little job at this moment as I write. She will be giddy with happiness when she comes home as 2 days ago she showed me a pic of a harem pants and expressed her like for them. Perfect for all the cotton knits I have stashing.Thank you very much…lol..Heather

  3. Lol, I just spent 3 weeks in Europe and was surprised to see so many people wearing these! I thought to myself that when I got home I would have to try to make some since I have not seen them in stores here in Canada. What a treat to come home and find a how to on your site! :)Not sure if I can pull them off but I'll def be giving these a try.Tanya

  4. you just saved me a small fortune. I bought a pair of these SUPER POPULAR in England pants (all the teens were wearing them it seemed) for my teenage daughter. she fell in love.. but to have them shipped from the UK (I have family willing to buy and ship them for her, but moocho moolah!) – now I can make them in any colour she wants and as many pairs as she wants! thank you sooo much!Blessings!

  5. Just want to say thank you for your detailed description, had and idea how to make pants but have not got lot of time have to make for 30 dancers and your design will help me thank you from Karin in South Africa

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