PR: Burda 7524 & M6044

Father’s Day Gift πŸ˜‰

The pants are Burda 7524

I did not make the babys

The pants are pretty easy to make actually and the pattern instructions are very good.
The shirt pattern is also pretty good but I used my own methods for the collar, I added the tabs and roll up sleeves cuz that is what he wanted.

The Collar

I forgot I was sewing for a man and put the snaps on the wrong side….LMBO!!

So fine!


7 thoughts on “PR: Burda 7524 & M6044

  1. Some fabulous sewing there Mimi. I was looking at the shirt pattern and noticed it is the same pattern that Pam Erny said she'd never sew. It looks very well fitted on your man, or does he have a 'pattern perfect' body?Did you draft a yoke or make any other adjustments AND what fabric did you use? It looks like cotton cheesecloth. FABULOUS work, as usual.Heather

  2. I remember Pam saying that but I actually did not have a problem with it at all and the fit was just right. I used a Cotton Gauze πŸ™‚

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